IZ Shares What It Was Like To Work With Bang Shi Hyuk On New Mini Album

Band IZ told the story of working with BigHit Entertainment founder Bang Shi Hyuk on their new mini album!

At a comeback showcase on May 1, IZ’s guitarist Hyunjun said, “Last March, we covered 2AM’s song ‘Never Let You Go,’ which Bang Shi Hyuk composed, at a concert. I heard that he saw the video later and thought we had potential, so he worked together with us on the album.”

“I thought that he would be scary because I saw him on television before and he was a blunt speaker, but he was actually quite shy,” continued Hyunjoon. “I feel a bit apologetic to say this, but he was cute. He gave us some good advice too. He said with sincerity, ‘Because you’re rookies, your path might not seem clear, but if you work hard, it will become clear. BTS was like that too. I hope that you will grow into a great boy band.”

Vocalist Jihoo added, “I remember how he made us feel comfortable while we were working on the album.”

The rookie band, who debuted in 2017, made a comeback on May 1 with their second mini album “Angel,” which was produced by Bang Shi Hyuk. He composed their title track of the same name along with Supreme Boi, as well as co-composed the song “Granulate” with Kim Do Hoon.

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