Park Jin Young Denies Reports On Being Part Of Religious Cult

Park Jin Young has personally addressed reports of being part of a religious cult.

On May 2, Dispatch posted photos of Park Jin Young and actor Bae Yong Joon at a supposed meeting for the Salvation Sect, a Korean religious cult.

In response, Park Jin Young took to his Instagram to respond to the reports.

His post reads as follows:

“A Salvation Sect meeting?

I paid money to rent a space and teach a bible study myself, and you’re calling it a Salvation Sect meeting?

100 people gathered to hear my lecture, and out of those, a few people from the ‘Salvation Sect’ came and sat down because they said they wanted to hear my lecture, and you’re saying it’s a Salvation Sect meeting?

I, myself personally, and the JYP Entertainment company do not have any relations with the businesses of the ‘Salvation Sect,’ but you’re saying I’m part of the Salvation Sect?

How do you plan on taking responsibility for the damage you have done to me and our company and report something like this without checking the truth?

Four years ago, my friend and I met twice a week for a bible study, and then the friend’s friend, then that friend’s friend were added, and now our meeting has about 30 people. But you’re calling this a so-called ‘Salvation Sect’ meeting?

Since we’ve come to this point, I will post my faith testimony, and please read it over carefully. If there are any legal or ethical problems in it, your coverage is appropriate, but if there are not, you will be taking legal responsibility for all of the damage done to us.”

Top photo credit: Xportsnews

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