VIXX’s Hyuk Sustains Injury During Fan Meeting In Japan

VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment has posted a statement on the group’s fan cafe after Hyuk was injured during a fan meeting in Japan on May 2.

The agency wrote, “Hello. This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

“As fans must be very worried, we are first posting a brief announcement about the current situation in regards to member Hyuk’s injury, which occurred during VIXX’s Japanese fan meeting today (May 2).

“Hyuk sustained an injury during the concert because of the stage’s equipment, and was taken right away to a local hospital. He received treatment and an examination, and is currently resting at their lodgings.

“As more time is needed before results of a more detailed examination are released, we are first briefly sharing the current situation, and we will share more information tomorrow about the detailed situation and Hyuk’s condition. To aid in fans’ understanding, we are attaching the notice shared through Jellyfish Japan below.

“We apologize for causing many fans worry and concern because of Hyuk’s injury.

“We will try hard so that we can inform you about the situation as fast as possible in the future.”

The agency then posted a similar notice by Jellyfish Japan, which included the promise to share more information about the group’s planned schedule of performances and activities through their official website.

Exact details about the nature of Hyuk’s accident were not revealed; however, some fans have said they saw Hyuk hit by confetti tape when standing near a launcher on stage, and it has also been reported that he was seen falling down a set of stairs. Fans state that he did not perform during the finale of the show. Confirmed details about the accident and updates on his condition will be shared when available.

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