Watch: Kim Seon Ho And Lee Yoo Young Ask If This Is Love Or Friendship In New Drama Teaser

Upcoming MBC special drama “You Drive Me Crazy” has released another teaser ahead of its premiere.

“You Drive Me Crazy” will tell the story of a man and a woman who have been longtime friends, but end up sleeping together one night. Eun Sung, who works as a translator, has mixed feelings but doesn’t want to risk losing her friend. Rae Wan, who’s an artist, goes through a slump due to his own complicated feelings for Eun Sung.

The teaser gives viewers a peek at Eun Sung (played by Lee Yoo Young) and Rae Wan (played by Kim Seon Ho) bickering and growing feelings for one another.

After the boiler pipes broke in Eun Sung’s home, she happily moved into Rae Wan’s house for the time being. Rae Wan, on the other hand, became surprised as he sensed a shift in his feelings and consulted his friend Hyun Ji (played by Park Hyo Joo) about this.

Having been friends for eight years, Eun Sung and Rae Wan bicker like siblings about everything from Rae Wan’s “playboy” habits to Eun Sung staying with Rae Wan. However, they also start to get confused on whether their relationship is just friendship or love. The teaser ends with Eun Sung meeting Rae Wan’s handsome friend, who asks her for her phone number.

“You Drive Me Crazy” will air on May 7-8 and will be available on Viki!

Check out the teaser below.

Check out another trailer below!

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