Jung Hye Young Returns To Small Screen With First Drama In Five Years

Jung Hye Young is finally returning to the small screen for the first time in five years!

MBC’s upcoming drama “Goodbye to Goodbye” released stills of Jung Hye Young as her character Kim Se Young.

Written by So Jae Won, “Goodbye to Goodbye” is based on the web novel of the same name. The plot centers around two extremely different women who come to live together following the betrayals of their lovers.

Jung Hye Young plays Kim Se Young, a skillful flight attendant and devoted mother whose life changed because of one mistake. Her character faces a lot of prejudice due to the fact that she has a daughter with a married man. She desperately struggles to take the man away from his wife.

In the newly released stills, Jung Hye Young is standing in the hallway of an apartment building with some flyers and tape. With a weary look on her face, she tapes the flyers on the front doors.

Jung Hye Young first started filming in Ilsan on April 19. She showed up early on set and greeted the production crew with her sweet smile. Jung Hye Young seemed nervous about shooting her first drama in five years, but once the cue sign was given, she was able to immerse into her role.

After finishing the first filming, the actress commented, “I decided to appear in the drama because I was touched by So Jae Won’s writing that depicted motherly love. Although it was my first filming, I was able to focus on the role of Se Young. I hope the heart and love of a mother will be conveyed well to the viewers and that this will become a drama that they like.”

The production crew stated, “While watching Jung Hye Young during the first filming, we could see how passionate she is towards acting. Biewers will be able to see a whole new image of Jung Hye Young. Please look forward to her transformation.”

Premiering on May 26, “Goodbye to Goodbye” will be available on Viki!

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