Watch: iKON’s Bobby Hilariously Struggles To Do Kids’ Nails While Working At Children’s Spa On “iKON TV”

On the latest episode of “iKON TV,” iKON’s Bobby and Donghyuk transformed into manicurists at a kids’ cafe—with varying degrees of success!

The May 5 broadcast of iKON’s reality show featured the seven members taking on various part-time jobs to earn money that they could put toward the production costs of their next music video. Junhoe and Chanwoo went to work at a ramen restaurant owned by BIGBANG’s Seungri, while B.I and Jinhwan spent the day working at a kindergarten for dogs.

Bobby, Donghyuk, and Yunhyeong were assigned to work at a kids’ cafe for a day. On the way there, Yunhyeong worried that while Donghyuk was a natural with children, Bobby might not be a good fit for the job. He joked, “I think Bobby will end up telling [the kids], ‘Hey, there’s no such thing as Santa Claus. That’s all your mom and dad.'”

Bobby protested, betraying his nervousness by saying, “I wouldn’t do that. I’m just scared, that’s all.” Yunhyeong laughed, “What do you mean you’re scared? In the kids’ eyes, you’re the scary one!”

Once the iKON members arrived at the cafe, things got off to a smooth start, with Yunhyeong manning the counter to take parents’ beverage orders while Bobby and Donghyuk took care of the children in the kids’ spa. Although initially nervous, Bobby had no problem charming the kids as he applied their facial masks and gave them each a relaxing foot bath.

However, things took a slightly rocky turn when it came time to give the young customers their manicures. Donghyuk adapted instantly to the new task, making the kids smile with his cute, playful manner as he skillfully painted their nails.

Bobby, on the other hand, had a slightly harder time adjusting to his new role. Although he initially expressed complete confidence in his abilities and insisted to his wary young client, “I’m a professional,” he soon found himself struggling as he attempted to complete his very first manicure.

As Bobby repeatedly apologized, “I’m so sorry,” the young customer asked dubiously, “Have you practiced doing [this]?” before later declaring that she wanted someone else to do her nails instead. Yunhyeong even appeared to make excuses on his bandmate’s behalf, explaining to the kids, “This nail artist has hand tremors.”

Fortunately, the generous young girl had a change of heart and allowed Bobby to finish the job.

Check out the clip of Bobby and Donghyuk’s travails below!

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