CEO Of Cube Entertainment Posts Heartfelt Message Regarding His Illness And Love For His Artists

Cube Entertainment’s CEO Hong Seung Sung recently posted a heartfelt message.

The CEO uploaded the message on May 7, briefly sharing his thoughts on fighting his illness and expressing love for his artists in Cube Entertainment.

The message reads as follows:

“Hello, this is “Hong Cube” CEO Hong Seung Sung. Is everyone doing well? 10 spring seasons have already passed since the first time I introduced myself to the public with the name, Hong Cube. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has always loved Cube artists just as warmly as the spring weather, even as the time has quickly gone by.

“I’ve always received a lot of strength from your encouragement, and so to return the love I’ve received, I’ve been intently listening to even the smallest of voices. It’s already been six years of fighting this illness. In the small, daily miracles, the love that you sent was no less than a huge miracle.

“During those six years, a lot of thoughts and emotions crossed my mind as I observed the K-pop scene.

“Watching BTS’s global activities, Yoon Jong Shin’s remarkable music achievements, and the artists who have continued to move forward while enduring, I saw hope once more. I want to plant that hope like a seed with everyone so that it will sprout. It’s because Cube artists are more than enough as evidence for this hope.

“Even while fighting my illness, I’ve been consistently communicating with our artists in Cube; but since we video chat, it’s so regrettable that I can’t see them face-to-face, sharing stories with them in the intense practice rooms or behind the stage, just like it was with HyunA, BTOB, and Jo Kwon.

“But each week we continue to have evaluations through video chatting, and through that CLC, PENTAGON, and G-(IDLE) were born. And from afar, I’ve been watching our two little chicks, Guan Lin and Seon Ho, who were able to let the public know once again about Cube’s potential. I am working hard to develop them well.

“I often feel proud and infinitely thankful because of HyunA and BTOB, who always encourage and take care of the artists as well as the executives and staff members whenever preparations for performances begin; and because of Jo Kwon, who is in the front and leading well. I feel bad for not being able to express all things one-by-one. But thanks to that, CLC and PENTAGON are leaping forward after gaining the chance to receive attention and love once again.

“The CLC members, who were able to see a big response since their debut, the skilled PENTAGON friends, of course, and the remarkable gems in G-(IDLE) are sufficiently doing their part with confidence in front of you. I thank both Yoo Seon Ho, who debuted with a song that resembles spring, and Lai Guan Lin, who is continuing to grow amidst his busy schedule. These are the fruits of your interest as well as the efforts of the artists and the staff.

“The United Cube Concert will be starting soon, right? What kind of fantastic stages will unfold? It already feels like I can see those stages.

“I will be with them in spirit. I will sing along with my mind and with my heart, and I will send my applause to the fantastic artists.

“I ask that everyone also do as much as you can. As much as you love them, I ask one more time that you give all of Cube’s actors and artists much love and interest. Thank you. 2018 Spring, Hong Cube.”

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