9 Moments From Taiwanese Drama “In Time with You” That We Just Can’t Forget

A major trope in drama world that we can never get sick of is the two best friends falling in love trope. Whether it’s because we enjoy watching their journey from friends to lovers, or hating on all the obstacles in between, they are sure to provide some great entertainment. Taiwanese drama “In Time With You,” starring Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin, absolutely nails it. In this drama, Cheng You Qing (played by Ariel Lin) and Li Da Ren (played by Chen Bolin) know everything about the other person, except for the fact that they are in love with each other. Check out some unforgettable moments from this timeless drama.

Warning: major spoilers ahead.

1. When You Qing forgets her own birthday

To start the drama off and establish You Qing’s workaholic tendencies – she forgets her own birthday! Fortunately, this gives a glimpse of the beautiful relationship You Qing and Da Ren have, since he, of course, remembers and helps her celebrate by having the birthday dinner he ordered for her packed up and giving her a symbolic gift.

2. When we found out her sassy mom was right the whole time

You Qing’s bubbly mom, who is her rock throughout the drama, calls her out for sleeping in, constantly bugs her about boys, and never fails to remind her that Li Da Ren is perfect for her. And when You Qing realizes who she loves, You Qing’s mom holds her hand through the whole process of breaking up with Ding Li Wei. It looks like her mom was right the whole time about You Qing and Da Ren being end game. Perhaps this is a lesson for everyone that moms are always right.

3. When Li Da Ren tells Maggie who he really loves

While the only people who don’t seem to know that Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing love each other are Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing, this scene was the first time when one of them actually vocalized it. After Da Ren admitted it to Maggie, nothing was the same for him. This left Maggie heartbroken and Da Ren had to face the facts that he was in love with his best friend, who, at the time, did not reciprocate.

4. The book metaphor

The metaphors in this drama are strong and their continuity are what make them so powerful. While You Qing alludes to preferring to be a book that is read over and over again in a previous episode, and Li Wei also compares her to a book, nothing shook audiences more than when Da Ren shared that You Qing is the book he would read over and over again. How romantic!

5. You Qing’s step-by-step make up removal process

You Qing and Da Ren have many phone calls throughout the drama, but one of the most memorable one is when she teaches Da Ren how she removes her makeup step by step. Although it is actually her doing the makeup removal process and Da Ren is listening to her explain it, the producers add a visual twist where we see Da Ren removing You Qing’s make up for her. This really demonstrated an intimacy between the two and fortified how strong their connection is.

6. The airplane incident

This was an intense moment for viewers. Whether or not you were a fan of Li Wei (You Qing’s boyfriend for most of the drama), you knew this was going to be some sort of turning point in the drama. At this point in the drama, You Qing is clearly considering marrying him but also struggling with his flaws. Suddenly, the flight he is on has an emergency landing and many are injured. What was the fate of Ding Li Wei going to be? Is he dead? Is he alive? Regardless, my heart definitely stopped for a second.

7. Da Ren’s song

It wouldn’t be a great drama without some sort of long lost message being discovered 14 years later. This cassette is a game changer as You Qing confronts her feelings for Da Ren. Even though her spidey senses have always been tingling, a song that describes his love for her despite her flaws pretty much only has one message – that he is in love with her. Of course, they use a cassette tape to make us realize how long ago it was.

8. Da Ren’s note

If there is a lesson we’ve learned from the drama world, it’s that timing is everything. Da Ren’s note, wishing her well but also baring his heart, will make you curse at the gods that they missed each other due to timing. Of course, she is on her way home and arrives minutes after he leaves. Cue the pouring rain for dramatic effect.

9. “Which side do you kiss on?”

Usually in dramas, after the main couple finally gets together, we just believe everything magically works out. This scene of them negotiating which way to lean for kisses is so adorable and pretty realistic if you think about it!

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