9MUSES’ Sungah Announces She’s Getting Married

9MUSES member Sungah has written a letter to fans to let them know about some big news in her life!

After midnight on May 8 KST, Sungah posted a handwritten letter on the group’s fan cafe. Her letter is as follows:

“Hello. This is the first time I’m saying hello to you in a while.

“I’m 9MUSES’ Son Sung Ah.

“I remember that my last album was with the song ‘Sleepless Night’ in 2015.

“After that, I’ve been staying close to music and I ended up taking on the challenge of being a DJ, which was new to me.

“I once again experienced the nervous excitement I felt when I first became a singer and performed, and I did my first performance as a DJ.

“During that process, I met DJ DaQ through an acquaintance’s introduction, and we shared music and I received advice that helped me become a DJ. We developed a good relationship and love for each other, and we’re getting married on May 20.

“I’m so happy to meet someone that I can dream together with and learn together with.

“In the future, I’ll pay you back for your love with better music and be closer to you. I love you.

“From, Sungah.”

Congratulations to Sungah and DJ DaQ!

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