2PM’s Jun.K Enlisting In The Military Today + Shares Handwritten Letter For Fans

Jun.K is the next 2PM member off to the military.

On May 8, JYP Entertainment revealed, “Jun.K is enlisting today. As he wanted to enlist quietly, the location and timing have not been revealed. However, he posted a letter on the official site to share his thoughts with fans.”

Jun.K’s letter reads as follows:

“Hello. This is Min Jun.

I am writing to you as I am unable to greet you directly ahead of my enlistment. My feelings cannot be expressed completely through this letter, but I hope they can at least reach you a bit.

I want to once again express my sincere apologies for causing you great disappointment due to my wrong actions in February. Since then, I have locked myself up in regret and self-blame everyday. The criticism that I receive for what I have done wrong is just. However, I thought that there must be something I feel and realize through the pain received by the people who love me.

As a singer, as a person who has a job that works towards the public and fans, I looked back on what kind of mindset I’ve had until now. I thought of the time that I’ve stumbled along with the greed of wanting to simultaneously walk down the two roads, of the desire for my dream in music, and the spirit and temptations of youth in my 20s. Looking back, I should’ve had more responsibility for my job and actions and a clearer work ethic.

Recently ahead of my fourth solo tour, I felt ashamed to stand on stage. I did stand in front of you as the concerts could not be canceled, and I also thought that I should meet you directly and apologize with all my heart. The moment I saw you all, my heart really hurt. I felt really hurt and apologetic. It’s so great to be able to be together, and I should have been more thankful for that preciousness…

I will not fall apart. I will accept all the criticism and attacks, and to become a person who is not embarrassed of myself, I will reflect on myself much more than the time that you have spent in pain and put in effort for my life.

Fans who have protected 2PM as 2PM and me as myself for 10 years, our members, and the staff who have worked hard to help over the past years. I sincerely reflect on my lacking heart at the precious times spent together and your love.

I apologize for not being able to console your hurt feelings completely before leaving..”Source (1)

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