“Miss Hammurabi” Reveals Pitch-Perfect Character Posters Of Go Ara, INFINITE’s L, And More

Miss Hammurabi” has revealed the character posters and tag lines for their five main characters.

On May 10, the JTBC drama dropped a set of posters starring Go Ara, INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo), Sung Dong Il, Ryu Deok Hwan, and Lee Elijah. Each character’s pose in their poster as well as the tag line written on them perfectly captures their character’s personality and outlook on life.

“Miss Hammurabi” tells the story of relatable and minor court proceedings as overseen by three judges: the passionate Park Cha Oh Reum (Go Ara), the elite Im Ba Reum (L), and the realistic Han Se Sang (Sung Dong Il).

Go Ara’s character poster reads: “As for me, I’m not going to become a judge that looks down on people expressionlessly.”

L’s character poster reads: “Court trials are by nature other people’s problems. I became a judge just to eat and survive.”

Sung Dong Il’s character poster reads: “The strongest person in the court is the judge. And the most dangerous one, too.”

Ryu Deok Hwan plays Jung Bo Wang, another judge who is friendly with everyone and has a reputation for being the “antenna” of the legal world. His character poster reads: “Being a judge? It makes you popular among women!”

Lee Elijah plays a court stenographer, also known as a court recorder, named Lee Do Yeon. Her character poster reads: “If you’re in court, you might as well work. Don’t poke around in someone’s private life.”

“Miss Hammurabi” premieres on May 21.

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