12 Moments When Idols Freely Embraced Their Quirks

Almost every K-pop group has a member with a wonderful 4D personality. Their eccentric character is usually witnessed on variety shows, live broadcasts, and even during music award shows where they proudly exhibit their unique persona, much to fans’ delight.

To show our appreciation of these idols’ lively auras that never fail to make us smile, here are 12 moments when idols embraced their quirks.

1. When Heechul went pantless

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is undeniably one of the most expressive idols in the industry, as he never refrains from being himself whenever he’s given the chance. A while back, Heechul was caught in his quirkiest state yet when he chose comfort over modesty in a scene from Super Junior’s reality show “SJ Returns.”

2. When Hani went full derp

When it comes to being extra, EXID’s Hani effortlessly takes the throne. Her facial expressions said it all when she was challenged to pull a series of silly faces during the “Idols Are The Best” segment of “Weekly Idol.”

3. When Junhoe embraced his inner Bruce Lee

When asked how he cheers himself up when feeling down, iKON’s Junhoe went full-on nunchuck mode and gave his best Bruce Lee impersonation, leaving both his members and the “Weekly Idol” MCs in a state of hilarity. (Starting 0:29)

4. When Jisoo balanced a bottle of water on her shoulder

As we have witnessed on BLACKPINK’s variety show appearances and live broadcasts, Jisoo clearly loves balancing things on her head. At the 2017 Seoul Music Awards, she challenged herself by attempting to balance a bottle of water on her shoulder.

5. When Onew owned the 2016 Seoul Music Awards

A couple of years ago, Onew had the time of his life at the 2016 Seoul Music Awards. His hyper attitude, labeled “Onew Condition,” did not go unnoticed by the MCs who gave him a shoutout, twice! (At 1:01 and 3:00, respectively).

6. When Sana displayed a peculiar side of herself

Nicknamed “the squirrel” amongst her TWICE members, Sana is known for her unique attitude. One of her early moments of oddness happened during her audition segment on the survival show “Sixteen,” which definitely left both JYP and her fellow members in awe, to say the least. (38:43-40:30)

7. When BTS’s V jumped on the PPAP bandwagon

During their promotions for “Wings,” Taehyung gave the reporters at KBS’s “Music Bank” more than they asked for when he suddenly got into his singular character and performed the “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” dance while rocking a leopard print fur coat.

8. When Mijoo made a dramatic entrance

Another idol who poses fashionably is Mijoo. During her group’s recent comeback, the Lovelyz member summoned her inner model and presented an eccentric yet runway-worthy show in front of the multiple cameras.

9. When L was lost in his thoughts

In a behind-the-scene footage from INFINITE’s “White Confession (Lately)” MV, the members are having a nice chat while L is living in his own bubble, oblivious to the ongoing small talk, and apparently drunk from his glass of water.

10. When Lay healed Doni’s hernia

Lay is notorious for being the healing unicorn of EXO. In the group’s first appearance on “Weekly Idol,” Doni decided to put Lay’s superpower to the test, to which the member eagerly obliged. (17:49-18:27)

11. When BIGBANG’s T.O.P delivered an epic version of “Gwiyomi”

Tabi has always embraced his eccentric status, and he proved it yet again during his appearance on “Weekly Idol” when he went all out to deliver the most peculiar “Gwiyomi” version to date. (4:01-4:55)

12. When Bom met her Poong Poong family

Park Bom’s 4D personality was highlighted time and time again when she was part of “The Roommate” cast. One of the most memorable scenes is when she finds an entire Poong Poong collection waiting for her in the living room. Watching her interact with them will melt your heart.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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