Watch: Lee Sang Yoon And Lee Sung Kyung Are Tied By Fate In “About Time”

tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday romance “About Time” has released new teaser videos ahead of its premiere!

“About Time” is a fantasy romance that tells the love story between Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung), a young musical actress who can see people’s life expectancies, and Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon), the only man who can stop the countdown to Michaela’s own life.

The new videos provide further insight into the main characters, Choi Michaela and Lee Do Ha, and the fated relationship between the two.

The first video starts off with Lee Sang Yoon watching Lee Sung Kyung singing on stage. Lee Sung Kyung can be heard confessing, “I like you” as she is shown leaning in to Lee Sang Yoon for a kiss. However, the next scene shows a complete change between the two as Lee Sang Yoon angrily confronts Lee Sung Kyung outside. Lee Sung Kyung has tears running down her face as she says, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

The video then reads, “A man who doesn’t believe in fate vs. a woman whose fate is urgent,” before showing Lee Sung Kyung chasing after Lee Sang Yoon. A voice in the background says, “That man. Your miracle. Just try everything to seduce him.” Lee Sung Kyung does everything she can to follow Lee Sang Yoon around, much to his annoyance — watching him as he swims, appearing in his refrigerator, trying to hang out with him at the club, and more.

The video ends with Lee Sung Kyung holding on to Lee Sang Yoon as she begs him not to leave. With tears in her eyes, she desperately pleads, “Lee Do Ha is everything to me right now. He’s my hope and my savior. So please don’t leave me.”

Watch Lee Sung Kyung try to win over Lee Sang Yoon in the teaser video below!

“About Time” also shared two teaser videos specifically for the first episode of the drama.

In one video, Lee Sung Kyung earnestly asks Lee Sang Yoon if he wants to date her. Lee Sang Yoon is seen restless as he paces around his office. He wonders out loud, “Shouldn’t it be enough that I got you a job? Why do you keep appearing?” He continues, “The relationship between you and I is nothing more or less than the one between employer and employee.”

The video ends as Lee Sang Yoon catches Lee Sung Kyung from falling into the water. They stare at each other as Lee Sang Yoon says in the background, “You have a habit of always bothering someone.”

The next video starts off with Lee Sang Yoon hitting Lee Sung Kyung as he reverses his car. Instead of feeling apologetic, Lee Sang Yoon tells her off, saying, “Watch where you’re going.” Lee Sung Kyung retorts, “Does the world revolve around you? Are you a chaebol?” Lee Sang Yoon counters, “Did you jump out on purpose?”

Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon then run into each other again by the pool. Lee Sang Yoon looks visibly surprised, while Lee Sung Kyung happily responds, “Hello! Wow, we meet again here.” However, Lee Sang Yoon is then shown having to carry Lee Sung Kyung back to her room. Finally, the video shows Lee Sang Yoon confronting Lee Sung Kyung on a boat as he says, “It seems you leave your manners at home. This woman.”

Check out the sneak peek of the first episode of “About Time” below!

“About Time” will premiere on Monday, May 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!

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