K-Pop Idols Who Would Make Fun Teachers

May 15 marks Teachers’ Day in Korea! Great teachers can really determine your interest in the subject and they deserve all the appreciation in the world. Having said that, going to school and paying attention in classes can be difficult when your teachers aren’t so wonderful.

How amazing would it be if your favorite idols were your teachers at school? Getting straight As would hardly be a problem. Here’s a list of K-pop idols who would make great teachers.

English – BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie has spent six years in New Zealand as a teenager and can speak and write English fluently. Because her Korean is fluent as well, she’ll have no trouble teaching her students.

Math – Block B’s Park Kyung

Park Kyung is well-known for his smartness with an IQ score that admitted him into Mensa International. He showed particular confidence when it came to solving math problems on tvN’s “Problematic Men.”

His best friend and team member Zico also revealed that Park Kyung was famous as a math genius.

Gym – Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon

Yoon Doojoon is a huge soccer fan who is a great soccer player himself. He even went on a soccer-themed trip to Manchester, England with Lee Gikwang on KBS 2TV’s “Battle Trip.”

If Yoon Doojoon were the teacher for gym class, no one would sit out on the benches!

Art – WINNER’s Song Mino

Song Mino has repeatedly shown his artistic talents on tvN’s variety show “New Journey to the West.” He is also the one who designed and drew the menu and the pictures for “Kang’s Kitchen.”

Music – IU

IU debuted as a singer when she was only 16 and has built up her experience and knowledge since then. Her abilities as a songwriter are just as impressive as her vocal skills.

If IU sat down with a guitar to teach us music, it would be more like a concert than a class!

Home Economics – Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene has shared that she enjoys ironing and doing laundry in her free time. She said that she used to iron her father’s clothes since she was young.

Home economics, which is covers cooking, cleaning, and interior decoration, would be much more interesting with Irene as the teacher.

Japanese – TWICE’s Momo

Momo is one of the three Japanese members of TWICE along with Sana and Mina. Her Japanese is undoubtedly that of a native speaker’s.

Momo’s cute voice will be more than enough for the students to pay attention in Japanese class!

Chinese – Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao

Cheng Xiao is talented in various fields and language is one of them. Born in China and having spent four years in Korea, Cheng Xiao speaks both Chinese and Korean fluently.

With her special charisma, she will manage Chinese classes without a problem.

Ethics – ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo was a role model for other students during his school years. He not only got good grades but was also school president in elementary school and high school.

His well-roundedness and kind character would make him the perfect ethics teacher.

Language (Korean) – Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

Seohyun would make an ideal Korean language teacher as she loves both Korea and reading. The singer-actress would surely make learning a delight as she goes over poems, novels, and more.

Who would you like to have as a teacher?

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