FIESTAR Members Thank Fans In Handwritten Letters After Their Contracts End

The members of FIESTAR have written heartfelt letters to their fans after the news of their contracts coming to an end.

On May 15, Fave Entertainment confirmed that FIESTAR will be going their separate ways after their contract ended on April 30. Cao Lu is the only member currently in talks to renew her contract, and the other four members have left the agency.

After the news was announced, each of the members posted letters to their fans (known as Let’s) on their personal Instagram accounts.

Cao Lu posted a letter in Korean and Chinese. Her letter is as follows:

“To: Everyone who supported FIESTAR. Hello! This is FIESTAR member Cao Lu. Thank you so much for standing by our side and supporting us for a long time. I was really happy during our time together. Because FIESTAR existed, I was able to promote in Korea and receive a lot of love. I’m also thankful to the members whom I trained together with. I won’t be able to forget the times where we cried and laughed together.

“I love all of our Let’s and our members. It’s not the end for us. I ask for your continuing support. The five of us will work hard not to disappoint our fans. I’m always sorry and I love you. Cao Lu.”

Yezi’s letter is as follows:

“Hello. This is FIESTAR’s Yezi. Handwritten letters are a bit awkward, but I wanted to say thank you to the fans for the unforgettable memories during the six years I spent with the members. Looking back, there were many difficult times, painful times, and happy times, but if we didn’t have the fans’ support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Like the infinite love that the fans have given us, FIESTAR will always support each other in our own positions and become people who always try our best. It’s still awkward for me, Yezi, to be on my own, but I’ll work hard to prepare and come to you with a good appearance and good music. Our fans, who I’m always sorry and thankful to, I love you.”

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Jei’s letter is as follows:

“To FIESTAR fans. Hello! This is FIESTAR’s Jei. It’s really been a while. I wrote a letter because I had something I needed to tell you. FIESTAR will now wrap up our activities and go our separate ways. I’m really sorry. I thought a lot about how to tell you this. I’m really thankful to our fans who were always with us for the last six years. I was really happy I could be with you all under the name FIESTAR. This one piece of paper is not enough for me to say everything I want to say. I won’t forget the love you guys gave us and I’ll work harder to show you good things! Please cheer for me a lot. I love you.”

Linzy’s Korean letter is as follows:

“Hello. This is FIESTAR’s Linzy. It’s been so long so I feel really happy to write to you but sorry! I never had sisters and FIESTAR were like sisters to me, but group promotions for FIESTAR are now unfortunately coming to an end. The time from telling the world about FIESTAR’s ‘Linzy’ for the first time in 2012 until now was sincerely valuable and I’m thankful for it. I think I was happy for the last six years because of our FIESTAR members and ‘Let’s’ fans. It’s not the end for all of us, and it was a decision made so that we can go on separate, better paths, so instead of feeling regretful, I hope you can all sincerely cheer for all of us. There’s now the pressure of having to be strong on my own, but I’m going to try to be brave for a new challenge and beginning! Please support me and our members until the end. I was sincerely happy that you guys were with us until now and thank you so much for loving FIESTAR! I won’t forget all of our times together. I love you. Linzy.”

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기사보고 많이들 놀라셨죠.. ? 우선 기사가 나가기 전에 먼저 말씀을 못 드린 점은 정말 죄송하게 생각하고 있습니다.. 2012년도에 데뷔해서 지금까지 6년이라는 시간동안 팬분들과 함께해서 너무 기쁘고 행복했습니다..!! 마지막이라고 생각하기 보단.. 새로운 또 다른 출발선으로 가기위한 과정이라 여겨주시고 부디 많은 격려 부탁드립니다…! 그동안 피에스타를 사랑 해 주셔서 너무 진심으로 대단히 감사드리고. . 앞으로도 저희 다섯 멤버들을 포함한 저 린지의 행보에도 많은 응원 부탁드립니다.. .. 피에스타 멤버들과 함께여서, 팬 여러분들과 함께여서 너무나 행복했고.. 영원히 그 감사함 잊지 않으며 살겠습니다. 다시한번, 너무나 그동안 감사드리고, 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다..!! I don't know what to say first. Guess you all got surprised by the article telling our breakup. That makes me feel so sorry that we didn't let you know before it. Making debut in 2012, we've been blissfully happy with your love. For now, I still have hope for that you will think of this not just as the end of Fiestar, but as a new fine way for me to give the love in return. I should say I really appreciate your cheering during the past 6 years and hopefully hope it won't stop. We, 5 of us as Fiestar, will never forget the love you all gave us. Once more, I really appreciate it. Truly yours, Linzy.

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Hyemi’s letter is as follows:

“To: Let’s and everyone who supported FIESTAR. Hello. This is FIESTAR’s Hyemi. It’s my first time in a while greeting you and I’m sorry I have to tell you this kind of news. To our fans, whom I really really really miss, I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for always cheering loudly and for being our strength. Listening to all of the FIESTAR albums brought back memories and felt strange. I won’t be able to forget the memories while promoting for six years, the staff who worked hard, and members who went through all of the emotions together!! I hope many of you will support the individual members’ futures. I will also work hard so that I can see you again with good things soon!! Be happy everyone!! From Hyemi.”

Best of luck to the members of FIESTAR!

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