Update: SHINee Opens Special Website For 10th Anniversary Comeback

Updated May 18 KST:

SHINee has prepared a special series of playlists for their fans!

The group opened a special website just for their upcoming sixth album “The Story of Light.” The site represents how SHINee has received love for their unique musical color and originality when taking on challenges. At the moment, fans can choose colors and attribute a SHINee track to each color as they see fit to make their own “playlist” or “SHINee Color Chip.” SHINee also revealed a short clip explaining how to do this.

There will be more things shared on the website in the following days including “SHINee’s Pick.” Each member will reveal their “playlist,” consisting of six songs and which colors they think best matches each track. The website will soon also feature “Today’s Pick,” which will be a daily recommendation of one of SHINee’s songs.

Share with us your SHINee Color Chip after making it here!

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Updated May 18 KST:

SHINee has shared a new teaser image for their return with “The Story of Light,” and revealed the titles of their upcoming title tracks!

While it was previously announced that SHINee’s first episode in the series would include the title track “Good Evening,” it has now been revealed that the second episode will include the song “I Want You” and the third will feature “Our Page.”

Updated May 17 KST:

SHINee released a schedule for their comeback with “The Story of Light”!

The schedule shows all the teasers SHINee has got planned ahead of the first release in their “The Story of Light” series, which will include the title track “Good Evening.”

Updated May 16 KST:

SHINee has revealed what exactly “The Story of Light” will be!

Following their earlier teaser at midnight KST, the group shared a new photo and more information about nine hours later.

They explained that “The Story of Light” is the title of their sixth full-length album, but in honor of their 10th debut anniversary this year, it will consist of three parts or “episodes,” each with its own title track and four additional new songs for a total of 15 tracks altogether. As previously announced, these three parts will be released on May 28, June 11, and June 25, and the group is planning on holding promotions for all three parts.

Along with this information, SHINee also shared a new teaser image for their upcoming comeback.

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Original Article:

SHINee has released a poster for “The Story of Light”!

On May 16, a poster was shared that includes the title “The Story of Light” and three release dates. “The Story of Light” is divided into three “EP”s, which may stand for “episodes” or “Extended Plays,” an alternative term for a mini album. The first is coming out on May 28, the second on June 11, and the third on June 25.

Fans are wondering if this is the first teaser for SHINee’s comeback, after it was previously announced that they’ll be returning with a new release this month to mark their 10th anniversary.

SHINee’s website was transformed with a new design including a fox after the poster was released, and the group’s social media icons have also been switched to the image, which is a common sign that a comeback is on the way.

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