Watch: Kim Gook Jin And Kang Soo Ji Celebrate Their Upcoming Marriage With A Ceremony On “Burning Youth”

Kim Gook Jin and Kang Soo Ji had a wedding ceremony on SBS’s “Burning Youth.”

On the May 15 episode, the cast prepared and surprised the couple with a small wedding. Kim Gook Jin and Kang Soo Ji previously announced that instead of a formal ceremony, they’ll be having a meal with their family in lieu of a wedding.

The couple, who fell in love on “Burning Youth,” were surprised when they walked outside. Seeing the preparations, they asked, “What’s this?” Revealing their surprise, the other cast members threw flower petals and shouted, “Congratulations!”

After handing them bouquets, they explained that they prepared a small ceremony because the couple wasn’t going to be a holding one.

The program showed a clip of Kim Gook Jin confessing his love for his fiancée. As Kang Soo Ji wiped away tears, he said, “My Soo Ji. I love you. I’m sorry I’m saying it after 20 years.”

The couple walked down the yard arm-in-arm as the other members cheered and threw flower petals. Kim Kwang Gyu then stepped in as the “officiant” and asked, “Do you, husband Kim Gook Jin, promise to love, devote yourself, and treat wife Kang Soo Ji like a princess forever?” Kim Gook Jin immediately answered, “Yes!”

The actor then continued, “Do you, wife Kang Soo Ji, promise to maintain your love, with devotion and respect, forever?” and she also quickly answered, “Yes.”

When the cast asked for a kiss from the “newlyweds,” Kim Gook Jin sweetly kissed his Kang Soo Ji on the forehead.

Kim Gook Jin and Kang Soo Ji will officially become a married couple on May 23.

Check out the clips below!

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