10 Times K-Pop Vocalists Delivered Fantastic Freestyle Rap Verses

Rap battles are serious business and K-pop idols know this very well. Whenever vocalists of K-pop groups decide to have their own little diss battles, we can’t help but get excited. Their freestyle rap verses are always one of a kind and they come up with brilliant lyrics on the spot. And not to mention their unique flow and swaggy style… It’s hard to understand why these vocalists don’t have their own mixtapes yet.

Listen to some of the greatest freestyle raps by K-pop vocalists! Prepare yourself, these lyrics are truly burning!

Jin raps like Jay-Z

Every time BTS’s vocal line hypes themselves up for a diss battle, we know it’s not going to end well. The greatest highlight of this iconic verbal fight between Jimin, V, and Jin is definitely the way eldest member Jin compares himself to Jay-Z. Yoongi got so excited he couldn’t stop imitating his hyung, and there was no need to continue this battle.

Hyungwon cracking Minhyuk’s walnut

Who said Jooheon and I.M are the only fantastic rappers in MONSTA X? Hyungwon and Minhyuk surely have a thing or two to say! When Kihyun and Minhyuk are asked to have their own little diss fight on “Weekly Idol,” Kihyun quickly uses his lifeline aka Hyungwon, the black sheep of freestyle rap. Our resident meme king does just as amazing as we expect, and he ends Minhyuk in no time.

Seungri rapping in trap style

In this clip, BIGBANG’s youngest accuses the other members of not knowing today’s rap trends enough and he goes for a full freestyle rap in trap style. According to him, actions are really important, and there’s no doubt that there is a lot of interesting bits in his short rap verse. Be careful, after watching this video, you’ll feel like a professional, huh!

N is like Jay-Z, too!

Seokjin got himself some competition when VIXX’s leader N declared himself as the Korean Jay-Z during an episode of “Weekly Idol.” INFINITE’s leader Sunngyu couldn’t leave the poor man alone after his first verse so he challenged him to have a small rap fight. Watch the video below to see how the first and most iconic INFINITE-VIXX rap battle went!

DK’s high pitched rap

Petition for SEVENTEEN’s Hip hop Unit to adopt DK as their new member? Sounds right, especially after listening to Seokmin’s unique high tone rap. It’s just another thing that proves how great of a variety king DK is. And if you get addicted to his rapping style after the first listen: don’t worry, you are not alone!

Yuju’s rap version of “Rough”

GFRIEND members are not afraid to create a rap version of their mega-hit “Rough” and Yuju is certainly feeling the vibe of it! Her improvised English lines are the absolute cutest and now we can’t wait to hear a hip hop remix of every GFRIEND single ever. Rapper Yuju, the stage is yours!

Wheein slaying it

Multitalented queens with superior variety skills? We couldn’t keep out MAMAMOO from a list like this. As expected, Wheein is extremely entertaining while trying to rap, and her gestures and flow show nothing but the greatest form of swag. The other members hyping her up is just the cherry on top!

Kogyeol’s “Yo! Peace!”

Kogyeol’s special talent is freestyle rapping and we can totally see him going on the next season of “Show Me The Money”! It’s just so adorable how he gets excited about his freestyle rap every single time. Yes Kogyeol, we are all waiting for your mixtape to drop now!

Meat is precious for Hyerin

EXID’s rap battle for meat is as chaotic as you can imagine. It’s hard to tell which one is the greatest highlight of their short competition: Hani’s “I’m the most bald-headed,” Junghwa’s “it’s good,” Solji’s “I’ll be a pig,” or Hyerin calling the meat her “precious.” There’s just so much going on in this video, you’ve got to see it for yourself!

Wonho’s memorable “Drop the beat!”

It seems MONSTA X members just can’t get enough of rapping. Wonho does his best at creating an exciting freestyle rap for “Panda,” and his cute “Drop the beat!” is something Monbebes won’t ever forget. I’m pretty sure any member of MONSTA X could just drop a mixtape at this point!

Soompiers! Which one of these vocalist-turned-rappers have the most swag? Tell us in the comments below!

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