BTS's Jungkook Says His Mixtape Is Coming Up Next

BTS’s Jungkook declared that he’ll be the next one in the group to make a mixtape!

In a recent Buzzfeed interview, BTS played with puppies as they answered fans’ questions. The seven guys couldn’t hide their joy at the adorable sight, and RM put a hand over his chest as he exclaimed, “Heart attack!”

BTS answered various questions in a mix of English and Korean. When asked what they want people to think about BTS a hundred years from now, the members replied they wanted to be remembered as a legend.

One of the questions was about what they love about themselves. V answered his fashion, Jungkook said it was his passion, and Suga couldn’t take his eyes off the puppies as he claimed, “I like puppies.” When Jin said he loved his handsome face the most, the group turned quiet.

BTS also discussed their favorite songs on the new album as well as how they come up with the themes for their albums and music videos. J-Hope talked about his recent mixtape “Hope World,” and then Jungkook pointed to himself and said, “Next mixtape. JK. Let’s go!”

So far, three members of the group have released mixtapes. RM was the first to reveal his mixtape titled “RM” in 2015. Then Suga released his mixtape under the name of “Agust D,” and most recently, J-Hope dropped his mixtape “Hope World” just a couple of months ago.

Watch BTS interact with puppies while answering fans’ questions below!

BTS made a comeback on May 18 with their title track “Fake Love” off the new album “Love Yourself: Tear.”

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