Current And Former 9MUSES Members Unite For Sungah’s Wedding

9MUSES’ Sungah has gotten married!

Sungah announced her engagement to DJ DaQ on May 8, and on May 20, the couple got married.


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Sungah posted on May 21, “Thanks to all of you, I had the wedding of my dreams with lots of blessings. I will always live with a thankful heart and give, receive, and share love. I bow my head in gratitude to everyone who congratulated me with kind words, your thoughts, and in person.”

Current and former 9MUSES members also shared photos from the wedding. Hyemi posted a selfie with Sungah and wrote, “You are such a pretty bride�de18�de18 Thankfully, the weather was nice and the breeze was good, too!”

신부님 너무 예쁘시네여?? 다행히 날도 너무 좋고 바람도 좋았다!

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She also posted a video of the members together.


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Keumjo uploaded selfies with Sungah, Kyungri, and Sojin with the caption, “Sungah unnie who was really so so pretty today, I hope you will be happy.” She also posted a photo of Sungah in her wedding dress.


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Former member Euaerin revealed a photo with Sungah and wished for her happiness. She also shared that she missed the photo time while eating, so she posted an edit that fans made which includes her in the group photo.

내 동생 행복해야해? 밥먹느라 포토타임에 늦었네?

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합성 고마워요? #나울어좋아서

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She also shared a video of the couple walking down the aisle.

????댄스타임 아니었나??

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Sojin and former member Moon Hyuna posted clips of some of the members at the wedding.


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Congratulations to Sungah and DJ DaQ!