Fin.K.L Reunites For 20th Anniversary In Lovely Photos

Fin.K.L has reunited at Lee Hyori‘s home!

On May 22, Fin.K.L member Ock Joo Hyun‘s agency uploaded photos to Instagram from the four-member girl group’s reunion. They wrote in one of the captions, “2018. 5. 22 Fin.K.L full group.”

2018. 5. 22 Fin.K.L 完全體 #핑클 #finkl

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Another post compared the group’s reunion on May 22 with a group shot from 2015.

Members gathered all #핑클 #finkl

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Sung Yuri also shared a video of Lee Hyori’s husband Lee Sang Soon taking a photo of the quartet, with the caption reading “Brother-in-law who’s more handsome in person and Fin.K.L.”

실물이 더 잘생긴 형부와 핑클

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Fin.K.L made their debut with members Ock Joo Hyun, Sung Yuri, Lee Jin, and Lee Hyori in 1998, and most recently released a digital single in 2005. It was recently reported that the members were planning to meet at Lee Hyori’s home on Jeju Island to celebrate their 20th anniversary, which fell on May 12.

Happy anniversary to FIN.K.L!

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