7 Things That Happen In Almost Every Episode Of “It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets”

It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” is a variety show that introduces introverted homebodies to each other. A lot of these guests mention how they just like to stay at home and spend time by themselves, which is what makes this program so much more funnier, especially when we see how they awkwardly try to socialize with one another! Seeing as how the guests come from various different backgrounds, the show has quite the mixed bag, and there’s really not a second to be bored. Here’s a look at seven things that happen in almost every single episode!

1. Loco is Loco

Loco has quickly become a sensation after being a guest on the program. He’s known for his quirky personalty traits and variety of gadgets that he continues to bring. He’s a unique character that is so refreshing and entertaining. You really don’t know what to expect!

2. There’s awkward first meetings

3. They take mini trips somewhere that bring them closer together

These trips are random and often begin with some awkwardness, but towards the end of the mini excursion, they get so much closer!

4. Guests nap

Most often than not, the guests find time to sneak in a nap. It’s a great program that gives them time to unwind and relax, especially since they’ve got such busy schedules.

5. Kang Daniel eats gummies

Or eats in general…

It’s no secret that Kang Daniel has a pretty big sweet tooth and appetite! It’s rare for him to go through an episode without scarfing down some food or gummies. It’s just one of his endless charms!

6. They play fun games with each other

Whether it’s playing in the pool, playing video games, soccer, or even Jenga, they find a way to bond with each other and it’s too cute to watch when they start to get into it!

7. We all wait for Xiumin and Daniel to be reunited again

The chemistry between EXO’s Xiumin and Wanna One’s Kang Daniel was so pure and adorable. They found a very natural connection together, which is why we’re just waiting for the day when they will meet again!

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