Bora Talks About The Turning Point In Her Acting Career

Bora took part in a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea, where she talked about her acting career.

The former SISTAR member previously appeared in “Hwayugi,” which concluded in March. She laughed and shared, “After filming ‘Hwayugi,’ I’ve been taking a break for the first time in a while, doing things that I like.”

Bora also commented on her acting career. She explained, “I’m currently reviewing [offers] for my next project. If I could have just one desire, it would be that I get closer to the public as a more complete and honest actor. Right now, at this age, it is the turning point in my career. To get through it well, I’m putting in a lot of effort. By challenging myself in lots of different dramas, I want to build experience and grow into an actor with substance.”

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