3 Reasons To Get Excited About New Drama “The Undateables”

SBS’s “The Undateables” is premiering soon, and many drama fans are looking forward to what promises to be a fresh and fun new show!

“The Undateables” is a romantic comedy about Kang Hoon Nam (Namgoong Min), a man who refuses to date but thinks he’s an expert on love, and Yoo Jung Eum (Hwang Jung Eum), a woman who’s always dreamed of dating but gave up on love because of the tough realities of life.

With the show premiering on May 23, check out some key points to get excited for!

1. Namgoong Min and Hwang Jung Eum reuniting after 7 years

One point you can look forward to in “The Undateables” is seeing Namgoong Min and Hwang Jun Eum together again. The pair previously acted together in the 2011 drama “Can You Hear My Heart?” Since then, the two stars have built up a reputation among many fans as actors they trust to deliver great performances.

It’s said that Namgoong Min and Hwang Jung Eum are freely going back and forth between dramatic acting, comedic acting, and emotional acting, and are already receiving lots of praise from the staff on set.

Fitting his title as “God Goong Min,” Namgoong Min is said to be focusing on each and every scene with a professional attitude, after having analyzed his character thoroughly, and he’s bringing the character of Hoon Nam to life with charm.

Hwang Jung Eum is the same, and it’s reported that she’s already got a handle on her character 100 percent. She’ll be playing Jung Eum with a charm unlike any other, showing the bright and spirited energy of her character in a three-dimensional way.

2. A special romantic comedy where everyone’s the star

“The Undateables” is a unique romantic comedy which doesn’t just focus on its two leads. Rather than only telling the story of Kang Hoon Nam and Yoo Jung Eum, the drama’s additional characters will also be a big part of furthering the plot.

The additional characters are played by actors including Choi Tae Joon, Oh Yoon Ah, Jo Dal Hwan, Jung Moon Sung, Nam Kyung Eup, and Shim Hye Jin, as well as new characters that will appear in each episode. It’s said that each of the characters seem like real people without any cliches, and that the actors were all well casted for their skills, leading to an even more fun experience watching the show.

3. A realistic drama featuring love between adults

“The Undateables” definitely isn’t a story like a fairy tale about a man with a high status in life and a woman who’s a Cinderella-type character. Instead, there’s a man who truly believes that there’s no such thing as true love in this world, and a woman who dreams about true love but has given up because of life.

The drama will show how the two people who have proclaimed that they’ve given up on love come to experience true love. They’ll learn about each other and help heal each other as they’re in the process of getting closer to a real, true love. It will show how these two adults who are only “grown up” in terms of age alone come to learn about what love really is and change because of it.

One thing to look forward to is seeing how they transform as their hearts also mature bit by bit, with exciting and touching moments that show them becoming adults. “The Undateables” is therefore described as a “Fairy Tale for Adults.”

The drama will also be including tips about love in captions, which will not only allow you to get a hint of the story of the episode but also could be useful in real life.

“The Undateables” will premiere on SBS on May 23 at 10 p.m. KST.

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