Uee Shares Her Thoughts On The Success Of Her Friend Jung Hae In

Uee talked about her former co-star Jung Hae In in a recent interview.

On May 23, the actress took part in interviews for the end of MBC’s “My Husband, Mr. Oh!

Uee and Jung Hae In previously appeared on the MBC drama “Night Light” in 2016. When asked about her friend Jung Hae In, Uee said, “He’s a friend of the same age, so we were really close when we were working on a drama in the past. We used to ask how each other were doing, but after JTBC’s ‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,’ I haven’t been able to contact him. I wonder if it’s alright for me to contact him.”

She continued, “I have his phone number, but I wonder if I’ll get arrested if it gets leaked. I’m careful to the point where I question if it’s alright for me to say that we’re close. He’s become that popular. I’m really happy that he succeeded. We weren’t in the same time slot, but since it aired on the same day, I couldn’t watch the broadcast. I’m planning on watching the whole drama when I’m on a break.”

Uee added, “I’m actually Son Ye Jin‘s fan. We go to the same salon and every time I saw her, I shyly greeted her. It feels like yesterday when I said, ‘How are you filming with Son Ye Jin?!’ when I heard that Jung Hae In was going to be filming the same drama as Son Ye Jin. Even just a couple months ago, he said, ‘I’m close with Uee’ to the staff, but now it’s become the complete opposite. He’s a loyal man and I’m proud he’s my friend.”

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