Watch: “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” Drops Main Poster + Making Film

On May 25, tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” dropped its main poster of the cast.

The drama also dropped a making film for the poster, where the cast showed off their easy chemistry with each other and their perfect synchronization with their roles.

Park Seo Joon described his character as a complete narcissist, while Park Min Young talked about wanting to capture the feeling of the original webtoon. Lee Tae Hwan shared, a little embarrassed, that his character captures people’s hearts, Jang Ki Yong talked about his character laying it all on the line for Park Seo Joon, his boss, and 2PM’s Chansung said that his character’s focal point is “elegance” but was modest about his own looks.

Many of the other cast members also described their roles as they joked around together and played around with props.

Check out the making film below!

“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” premieres on June 6.

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