Kim Sa Rang Discharged From Hospital After Injury Last Month

Actress Kim Sa Rang has been discharged from the hospital after a recent injury.

Her agency stated:

“Hello, this is Kim Sa Rang’s agency Leo International. We are happy to inform you that Kim Sa Rang has been discharged from the hospital. She has completed one month of in-hospital treatment for the foot fracture that occurred during her surprise accident in April, and made a fast recovery to be discharged on May 26.

“After her discharge, she plans to follow the rest of her recovery schedule with light physical therapy and outpatient treatment. She will also be resuming her postponed activities such as filming for commercials. She has also looked over casting offers in her stay at the hospital and re-discovered her love for her work during that time. She will soon return with a good production.

“We are sorry for making everyone worry about her after news of the accident got out and sincerely thank you for your support.”

The injury occurred during a freak fall on April 18 while the actress was traveling in Italy and she has been recuperating in a South Korean hospital ever since.

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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews