11 Times K-Pop Groups Perfectly Showcased Their Harmonization Skills

The K-pop scene has granted us a rich amount of songs with various vocal ranges over the years. Join a few mesmerizing voices together and you’ll get yourself a pitch-perfect harmony. This is exactly what a lot of talented K-pop groups have been gracing us with throughout their careers.

To bless your ears with a selection of live performances, covers, and a cappella songs from some of your favorite idols, here are 11 times K-pop groups perfectly harmonized.

1. TVXQ – “My Little Princess”

Back when they were a five-member group, the TVXQ boys really impressed the public with their powerful vocals, which overpowered both the background music and the fans’ loud screams. Needless to say, even as a duo, they still stay true to their name and impress with their divine musical talents!

2. Girls’ Generation-TTS – “Cater 2 U” (Destiny’s Child cover)

This fascinating remake of the Destiny’s Child song is everything we could ask for from TaeTiSeo. The way their vocals work together to create so many beautiful harmonies will blow you away.

3. BTOB – “Missing You”

During a celebratory dinner, the members of BTOB still managed to flawlessly perform their successful release “Missing You” despite being under alcohol influence as part of Dingo Music’s popular show “Tipsy Live.”

4. MAMAMOO – “Uhm Ooh Ah Yeah”

From their “I say mama mama moo” greeting to basically every song they have ever released, these fierce ladies are absolutely dripping in sweet-toned finesse. The performance below is just a snippet of MAMAMOO’s musical might.

5. SEVENTEEN – “Adore U”

SEVENTEEN is undoubtedly full of talented young men, and their vocal unit proved exactly that when they released a serenading version of their track “Adore U” just three months after their debut!

6. Red Velvet – “Would U”

Would you let yourself be bewitched by Red Velvet’s hypnotizing vocals? The answer has got to be yes. This live version is an exquisite gift coming from these charming ladies, as their voices were beautifully combined throughout the song.

7. BTS – “You’re My” (Taeyang cover)

Another vocal line to sweep you off your feet is Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. During their rookie days, the quartet showcased their soothing vocals when they delivered a captivating performance of Taeyang’s song.

8. GFRIEND – “Everything At Once” (Lenka cover)

On top of their amazing hit songs, GFRIEND gave us a glimpse of their outstanding synchronization as a group by singing an a cappella cover of Lenka’s track, which left the MCs in total awe.

9. VIXX – “Thank You For My Love”

Through an elegant stage, the VIXX members made sure to sway us with their enchanting vocals while conveying a goosebump-worthy performance of their song, which was dedicated to their fans as a gesture of gratitude.

10. Lovelyz – “Title” (Meghan Trainor cover)

These lovely ladies are undeniably one of the best girl groups that can effortlessly ace a cappella performances. Adding their own instrumental touch to this cover song, Lovelyz gave us more than we asked for with their dazzling live performance.

11. gugudan – “Part Of Your World” (From “The Little Mermaid”)

Overflowing innocence meets abundant talent in this little excerpt, which shows gugudan in their element. The adorable ladies rocked an a cappella version of the famous Disney film song while being their playful selves.

Which performance is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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