3 Things To Keep An Eye Out For As “Mistress” Comes To An End

OCN’s “Mistress” has only four episodes left to go, but it there are still many things left to wrap up. From Jang Se Yeon (played by Han Ga In) whose daughter Ye Rin is hospitalized and who has been threatened to give up her insurance money, to Kim Young Dae (played by Oh Jung Se) who has hidden her dark side, there are still many unpredictable endings to be told. Here are three things to look out for as “Mistress” comes to a close.

1. Will Oh Jung Se’s true self be exposed?

Before he married Jang Se Yeon, Kim Young Dae was already living with Park Jung Sim (played by Lee Sang Hee). What’s even more shocking is that he was the one pulling the strings when Park Jung Sim threatened Jang Se Yeon for life insurance money in exchange for keeping Kim Young Dae’s survival a secret. Not only did Kim Young Dae pretend to be dead for two years for the insurance money, he threatened his wife over it. Rather than worry over his young daughter who was going through hard times, he prioritized money, showing his true self and motivations.

2. Who is Park Byung Eun, really?

Currently Baek Jae Hee’s (played by Jang Hee Jung) lover is being suspected for killing her and her mother-in-law Na Yoon Jung (played by Kim Ho Jung). To find out who he is, Kim Eun Soo (played by Shin Hyun Bin) and Han Sang Hoon (played by Lee Hee Joon) found information that led them to a restaurant run by Hwang Dong Suk (played by Park Byung Eun) who is friends with Han Jung Won (played by Choi Hee Seo). According to Han Sang Hoon, if Hwang Dong Suk is really Bae Jae Hee’s lover, then he would pretend not to recognize Na Yoon Jung. Though they asked him directly if he knew Na Yoon Jung, he calmly answered that he had seen her in the news. However, when Jung Won asked him the same question afterwards, he answered that he had never heard of her name.

3. Will the four friends be able to return to their ordinary lives?

Jung Se Yeon, Kim Eun Soo, Jung Won, and Do Hwa Young (played by Goo Jae Yee)’s lives were turned upside down after a mysterious phone call. The four even encountered dead bodies, and though they tried to determinedly bury Han Sang Hoon’s body, they eventually came to the decision that it would be better to sprinkle his ashes into the ocean. When they arrived to do so, they encountered another obstacle as Park Jung Sim called the police on them.

“Mistress” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 p.m. KST.

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