GOT7’s Jackson Tops iTunes Song Charts Worldwide With “Fendiman”

Jackson has risen to the top of iTunes charts with his latest single!

The GOT7 member released “Fendiman” on May 25 as a collaboration with the luxury brand Fendi. The song was co-written by Jackson and producer BOYTOY.

On May 26, the song took No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes Top Songs chart. It also topped the Top Songs chart in several other countries including Thailand, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia and ranked high in countries including Moldova, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Jackson took to his Instagram to express his gratitude:

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. Fendiman이 나왔어요 미국 Itunes 에 US Pop chart 그리고 US top songs 제 이름의 노래가 1 위 한 것을 보고 너무 감동적인 순간이었어요. 저의 노래와 작품 점점 더 많은 사람들한테 알려지고 있는 것 보고 진심으로 너무 행복했어요. 일단 저를 응원해주고 사랑해주고 저를 아끼는 분들 한테 감사하다는 말 하고싶어요. 진심으로 저의 음악 사랑해주시고 잭슨이라는 애 support 해줘서 정말 감사해요. 저 진심으로 저를 응원해주시는 분들 누군지 다 알아요. 다 느껴져요. 사랑한다는 것은 말 뿐 만이 아니라 행동 하나하나에 마음속으로 어떠한 것 을 생각하고있는지 다 보여지는 것 같아요 우리는 누구와 비교 할 필요없어요 사람 마다 다 각자의 색깔이 있듯이 우리는 우리만의 색깔이 있어요. 얼마나 오래 가느냐가 제일 중요한 것 같아요 저는 여러분과 함께 오래 갈거라고 믿어요. 더 열심히 해서 더 성장 하는 잭슨 보려드릴게요. 꼭 자랑스럽게 해드릴게요. 감사해요 @xxboytoy we made it ❤️ . 前两天发了一首歌我的单曲 Fendiman? 最让我惊艳 感动的就是 看到美国 iTunes上面 US pop chart 还有 总榜上 身位华人拿到了第一 看到有我的名字,看到有我做的歌, 看到有我的作品的那一刻? 知道自己的作品慢慢开始被人家知道了, 知道我的作品越来越受到关注的时候, 这种感觉比什么都高兴? 连觉也睡不着了 在这里真的非常感谢 所有真的在乎我,支持我,爱护我的所有人? 谁真的一直为了我而奋斗, 我也不傻,都能看得到 谁在我身边,都感受到 有些时候 “爱” 不是说几句爱你 爱你 就是爱, 一个人经常的一些行为, 随身而带着的一些动作 重要时刻每次都不会忘的一些手势 都代表着心里 在想着什么 也不说的太明白了 我们也不用去比较, 每个人有自己的颜色, 我们有我们的, 输赢不重要,还有很远的路等着我们一起走, 谁走的更远? 我相信是我和你们? 很感谢大家 慢慢开始 认识我的音乐, 我会更努力成为更好的王嘉尔 Jackson? 一定会成为你们的骄傲 . Just released my single Fendiman As a Chinese myself, it’s crazy to see my name up there with my song ranked no.1 on iTunes US top chart and the pop chart. Also realizing that my music and my work is slowly starting to get recognition from the people. Also want to take this chance to thank everybody for supporting me, loving me also for having my back all the time. Thank you so much for the ones who really did fight for me. It’s too obvious, I’m not blind. It’s so obvious who is on my side. Also, there is no need for comparison, We have our own color, Everyone is special in their own ways, There is no winning or losing, The key is how far and how long we are hustling until. I believe We will go very far together. Thanks for showing love for me and my music. I will be a better Jackson, I will make you all proud. #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #fendiman #blessed #truelove #TEAMWANG #mydream @fendi @fisforfendi @silviaventurinifendi

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As of May 28 at 10:30 a.m. KST, the music video has also surpassed 3.4 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has successfully completed the Seoul and Bangkok stops of their world tour and will continue in Macau on June 2.

Congratulations to Jackson!

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