Wanna One To Move From YMC Entertainment To Agency Created Exclusively For Them

Updated May 31 KST:

After the release of Swing Entertainment’s statement on Wanna One’s move, YMC Entertainment spoke with a news outlet to share further details.

On the duration of Wanna One’s contract, YMC Entertainment confirmed that Wanna One is signed with Swing Entertainment for six months from June 1 through December 31. 

When asked if Swing Entertainment’s is affiliated to CJ E&M, it was revealed that Swing Entertainment is not a subsidiary. CJ E&M has invested partially into the company, but it is a brand new entertainment agency. It will only focus on Wanna One for the rest of the year, and after Wanna One’s disbandment, it will take in other artists.

CJ E&M will continue to take charge of Wanna One’s music production and concerts as done so previously. YMC Entertainment will help out Swing Entertainment for a smooth transition process. In terms of payments, Swing Entertainment will now receive all of them, and YMC Entertainment will no longer be involved.

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Original Article:

Wanna One is parting ways with YMC Entertainment.

On May 31, an official statement was released on Wanna One’s fancafe.

It begins, “Hello. This is Wanna One’s new agency Swing Entertainment. Starting on June 1, Wanna One’s agency will change to Swing Entertainment.”

The statement explains, “Swing Entertainment is a management company exclusively for Wanna One, and all staff will put their energy into supporting Wanna One. Also, for the smooth transferring of tasks, we will maintain a collaborative relationship with the original management agency YMC Entertainment for the time being.”

“Swing Entertainment promises to put in all our efforts to support Wanna One, who will continue with their world tour and new album. We ask for fans to show continuous support and love to Wanna One,” the statement concludes.

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