VICTON Shares How BTS Has Inspired Them

Boy group VICTON talked about how BTS’ success has been a motivation for them, as well as shared some honest thoughts about finding their path as artists.

VICTON made a comeback in May with their new single “Time of Sorrow,” and they’re currently promoting at the same time as BTS, a group that the members have often named as one of their role models.

BTS recently broke records for Korean artists when they topped the Billboard 200 with their album “Love Yourself: Tear” and entered Billboard’s Hot 100 at No. 10 with their song “Fake Love.” They also became the first Korean artists to perform at the Billboard Music Awards last month.

In an interview with the news outlet Joy News 24 that was shared on June 1, VICTON expressed their admiration for BTS and talked about how the group has been a motivating example for them.

“We’re all interested in BTS’s performances,” the members said. “When BTS is rehearsing or doing shows, we all watch. We also watch and admire their performances while we’re in the dressing room.” They added that BTS is showing an amazing approach and said their performances are really impressive.

The VICTON members continued, “In the past, V picked Gallant as an artist that he likes, and after that Gallant sang BTS’ song and then posted with their hashtag. We wondered, ‘Are they that close?’ and thought it was amazing.” Last month, the American singer Gallant posted a short cover of V’s solo track “Singularity” on his Twitter and also tweeted using the “#BTSBBMAS” hashtag on the day of the Billboard Music Awards.

VICTON also talked about how BTS met John Legend at the award show. “John Legend taking a BTS CD out of his bag and asking them to sign it was amazing too,” they said.

They went on to explain how BTS has been a motivation for them. “When we were trainees, we would jokingly say, ‘Let’s go to Billboard,'” explained VICTON. “Back then, there was no precedent like this. It was something that could only be imagined. BTS went to the Billboard Music Awards and achieved a great result, so we thought, ‘Wow, it’s something that’s actually possible.’ It seems to have made us work a bit harder.'”

VICTON made their debut in November of 2016 under Plan A Entertainment (also home to artists Apink and Huh Gak) and most recently released their new single on May 23. Before their comeback, they’d named entering a top 100 realtime chart as their goal. Shortly after its release, “Time of Sorrow” became their first song to enter the top 100 of Bugs’s realtime chart.

“It was our first time entering the chart since our debut,” the members said. “On the day our song came out, we were all practicing together when our manager told us, ‘You entered the chart.’ We were so happy that we were jumping around like little kids, and also felt overcome with emotion. We’d always named entering the chart of a music site as our goal. Our new goal is to raise awareness about VICTON.”

The group also talked about their mindset going forward. “If we were to say that we didn’t feel anxious, it would be a lie,” they said. “We’ve put out five releases, but haven’t had huge success. We hope that ‘Time of Sorrow’ will be the starting point of our achievements.”

The interview describes how VICTON’s progress is steady as they try out various music styles, connect with their fans through events like busking performances, and more. They’ve also played a big part in personally discovering their own music style throughout their career. Seungwoo and Hanse not only participated in writing their rap lyrics for “Time of Sorrow,” but Chan is also described as being very into studying music.

VICTON said, “It’s still only been a year and a half since our debut. There’s a lot of music and concepts that we haven’t been able to do yet. We think that soon we’ll find a style that fits us and we’ll find our direction.”

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