21 Records Broken By BTS As They Continue To Soar

BTS has been breaking records in Korea and all over the world as they rise higher and higher!

The seven-member group made their debut in 2013 and has released three full albums, five mini albums, and much more in Korea since then, both receiving critical acclaim and gaining huge popularity. Their fanbase ARMY has grown exponentially over the years, with BTS and ARMY over and over again proving one of the group’s favorite sayings: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Here are some of the records that BTS has set!

1. 1st Korean artist to top the Billboard 200

BTS became the first ever Korean artist to grab the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s top albums chart, the Billboard 200. Their latest album “Love Yourself: Tear” took the top spot on the chart as the most popular album in the United States for the week ending in June 2.

Not only that, since the album is performed mostly in Korean, it was the first primarily foreign language album to reach No. 1 on the chart in 12 years!

2. 1 million albums sold in first week on Hanteo Chart

BTS set a new record on Hanteo Chart when “Love Yourself: Tear” recorded over 1 million units sold within the first week after its release. They are the first artist to sell 1 million units of an album in its first week since the chart began in 1993.

This also made BTS a “double million seller,” after “Love Yourself: Her” reached 1 million copies sold last year.

3. 1st Korean album to enter Official U.K. Chart

BTS’s “Wings” became the first Korean album to enter the Official Albums Chart in the United Kingdom, coming in at No. 62. Their most recent album “Love Yourself: Tear” entered at No. 8.

4. 1st idol group to win Musician of the Year at the Korean Music Awards

The Korean Music Awards, often referred to as the “Korean Grammys,” named BTS the Musician of the Year for 2017. Unlike most other music award shows, the ceremony’s award winners are chosen based on industry experts’ evaluation of the music’s artistic merit, rather than decided based on sales.

5. Highest debut for a Korean artist on Billboard’s Hot 100

The group’s latest title track “Fake Love” not only broke a record but also achieved a dream for BTS and ARMY when it entered Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at No. 10. Along with topping the Billboard 200, BTS had said one of their goals for this comeback was to make it into the top 10 of the chart.

While PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” have reached higher points on the chart over time, “Fake Love” had the highest ranking in the first week for a Korean artist’s song. PSY’s “Gentleman” had previously held the record when it debuted at No. 12.

6. Highest ranking by a Korean artist on Oricon’s yearly singles chart

BTS’s Japanese single “MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” took No. 13 on Oricon’s 2017 singles chart, the highest ranking ever achieved by a Korean artist.

7. Most followers on Twitter for a Korean account

The BTS members’ joint Twitter account (@BTS_twt) is the most followed Korean Twitter account, recently reaching 15 million followers.

8. Highest ranking for a Korean artist on Spotify Global Top 200

“Fake Love” entered the Spotify Global Top 200 chart at No. 17. This broke the record for the highest entry by a Korean artist’s song, which BTS had previously set when “DNA” debuted at No. 50. “Fake Love” later rose to No. 14 on the chart!

9. 1st Korean group to receive gold certification from the RIAA

BTS became the first Korean group to have a song certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America when the remix of their track “MIC Drop” reached 500,000 units sold. “DNA” has now also been certified gold.

10. 1st Korean artist to win 2 awards at the Billboard Music Awards

BTS was not only the first Korean group to ever win a Billboard Music Award, they’re the first Korean artist to win twice! BTS won the Top Social Artist award at the ceremony two years in a row, first taking the win in 2017.

PSY was the first Korean artist to take home a trophy from the Billboard Music Awards when he won the Top Streaming Song award in 2013.

11. Only Korean group to have 4 music videos with over 300 million views

BTS is the only Korean group with four MVs that have over 300 million views on YouTube! Their videos for “DNA,” “Fire,” “Dope,” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” have all hit the milestone. PSY has five MVs that have reached 300 million views, BIGBANG and BLACKPINK both have two, and TWICE has one.

12. 1st Asian artist to premiere new song at the Billboard Music Awards

BTS performed their new song “Fake Love” for the first time on television worldwide at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on May 20. This is the first time that an Asian artist has staged a comeback performance at the award show, and BTS was also the first Korean artist to perform at the ceremony.

13. Fastest music video ever to reach 10 million views

BTS’s “Fake Love” racked up an amazing number of views immediately after its release on May 18. Within 4 hours and 55 minutes, it had already been viewed 10 million times!

The previous fastest time for an MV to reach 10 million views is reported to be 6 hours, which was achieved by Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.”

14. Highest sales in history for an album on Gaon Chart

BTS broke the record for the highest sales of any one album (not including repackaged albums) in Gaon Chart history with “Love Yourself: Her.” As of February’s chart, 1,613,924 albums had been sold. Previously, g.o.d. sold 1,441,209 copies of their fourth album in 2001.

15. Most views in the first 24 hours for a Korean group MV

BTS’s “Fake Love” reached 35.9 million views in the first 24 hours after its release, according to YouTube. This makes “Fake Love” the Korean group MV with the highest 24 hour views, and earned them the 3rd highest 24 hour views of any artist in the world, following Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” with 43.2 million and PSY’s “Gentleman” with 36 million.

16. Most No. 1 albums for a Korean artist on Billboard’s World Albums chart

Six of BTS’s releases have topped the World Albums chart on Billboard: “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Pt. 2,” “Wings,” “You Never Walk Alone,” “Love Yourself: Her,” “Face Yourself,” and “Love Yourself: Tear.” This is the highest number for a Korean artist — B.A.P, GOT7, and Red Velvet each have four albums that reached No. 1 on the chart.

17. 1st Korean group to perform at the American Music Awards

BTS was the first Korean group to perform at the American Music Awards, when they took to the stage with a performance of “DNA” last November.

18. Most-viewed music video by a Korean group on YouTube

BTS’s “DNA” was the first Korean group MV to surpass 350 million views on YouTube, and the views have continued to soar. Its current tally at the time of publication is 395.1 million views, remaining the most-viewed MV by a Korean group.

The next highest are TWICE’s “TT” with 360 million and BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” with 352.7 million. PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has the most views for Korean MVs overall, with 3.2 billion views.

19. 1st Korean group to reach No. 1 on U.S. iTunes Top Songs chart

BTS became the first Korean group to ever top the iTunes Top Songs chart in the United States when their remix of “MIC Drop” came in No. 1!

20. Most Twitter engagements for a music group

BTS has the most Twitter engagements (average retweets) for a music group! According to Guinness World Records, BTS’s joint Twitter account (@BTS_twt) registered 330,624 engagements on Twitter as of April 23, 2018. The previous record holder was One Direction’s Harry Styles with 147,653 engagements as of the same date.

21. 1st Korean artist to take No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Artist 100

BTS became the first Korean artist to grab the top spot on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart, which ranks the most popular artists based on album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming, and social media fan interaction. They achieved the feat following the release of “Love Yourself: Tear,” coming in at No. 1 for the week ending in June 2.

BTS has been breaking records throughout their career, and although this list includes plenty of them, there are also lots more, including many that lack official sources.

After they achieved many of their goals during this latest comeback, Suga recently named their next dream: the Grammys.

It seems like the sky’s the limit for BTS, and we’re excited to see what the future holds!

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