How The Characters Of OCN’s “Mistress” Have Changed Over Time

A month has passed since OCN first premiered its remake thriller, “Mistress,” starring four complex female characters played by Han Ga In, Shin Hyun Bin, Choi Hee Seo, and Goo Jae Yee.


“Mistress” tells the story of four female friends in their 30s, each with their own secrets, who become involved in a series of murders when one of them gets a call related to her husband’s mysterious death.

As the hair-raising mystery plot has inevitably changed our four female leads, here’s a quick look at their character development over the past few weeks:

Stronger Se Yeon

Gone is the woman who handed over her life insurance at the news that her husband was being held hostage. Se Yeon (Han Ga In) has become a stronger, more independent woman, motivated by her fiercely protective love for her daughter – and the knowledge of what her husband did to her. Whether she will be able to use her new strength to get herself out of the tangle of insurance fraud she has found herself in remains to be seen.

Truth-Seeking Eun Soo

At the beginning of the drama, Eun Soo (Shin Hyun Bin) was a psychiatrist who had a patient searching for his dead father’s mistress – and suspected murderer. She did not tell the patient that she was the one who had had an affair with his father, and even when she witnessed the murder of a woman, she kept it secret out of fear that her own adultery would be exposed. In the weeks since the premiere, however, she began investigating the murder in earnest, at least partly acknowledging her own crimes.

Truth-Telling Jung Won

A month ago, Jung Won (Choi Hee Seo) was a woman of infinite patience, married to a famous chef who badly wanted to have a child for the purposes of his reality show. No matter how crazy her husband’s obsession became, she bore with it all. But when her husband reveals that he’d gotten his one-night stand pregnant, she becomes furious and lets loose with all the truths she had kept hidden: the fact that her husband’s cooking is terrible, for example. Now she is beginning a new life as the person Han Jung Won, rather than just a wife.

Healing Hwa Young

Although outwardly happy with her single life, Hwa Young (Goo Jae Yee) began the drama as a woman unable to forget her ex-boyfriend. At the request of a female client, the wife of her ex, she began following him around in secret, and the two of them soon confessed their love to one another again. However, Hwa Young caught a glimpse of him with his real wife and came to her senses. “I don’t want to be a source of fear to someone’s wife, or someone’s mistress. That’s not me. I want to be a whole and complete Do Hwa Young,” she told him before breaking up with him.

Episode 11 of “Mistress” airs on June 2 at 10:20 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode on Viki:

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