Boy Group Leader And Main Vocalist Wows Audience On “King Of Masked Singer”

The identity of “Gladiator” was revealed on the June 3 episode of “King of Masked Singer”!

In the previous episode, “Gladiator” performed a duet of Lee Juk‘s “Running in the Sky” with “Bullfighter.” “Gladiator” won the battle with 66 votes and “Bullfighter” was revealed to be singer-actor Kim Ki Doo.

The June 3 episode showed “Gladiator” performing Jinju’s “I Will Survive” for the second round.

After impressing the audience with his powerful vocals, “Gladiator” showed off his dance moves. He danced to “Produce 101 Season 2” theme song “It’s Me (Pick Me)” at twice the speed with Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin and Hwang Min Hyun.


“Gladiator” won the second round and “Good Girl,” who competed against him, was revealed to be singer-actress Han Young.

For the third round, “Gladiator” performed Im Chang Jung‘s “Already to Me.” His song drew everybody in and the panel couldn’t hide their amazement after his performance came to an end.

The victory went to “Gladiator” and his opponent “Open-Air Bath” was musical actress Go Eun Sung. With his series of wins, “Gladiator” went on to challenge the champion but narrowly lost to the long-reigning “Invincible East.”

“Gladiator” was finally revealed to be the main vocalist and leader of BTOB, Eunkwang. Also active as a musical actor, this was Eunkwang’s second time competing on “King of Masked Singer.” Unlike the last time where he lost in the third round, Eunkwang made it to the finals this time.

“I have participated before but it did feel different,” Eunkwang said. “I was curious if people would recognize my voice and a lot of them did.” Wanna One’s Lai Guan Lin praised, “I’m in the same agency with him. He always comes to the practice rooms for his musical. Every time I hear him [sing], I wonder how a person can be like him. But when I was watching his performances earlier, I felt that even more.”

Seo Eun Kwang explained how he was inspired to challenge this show again when he last appeared as a panel member and not a performer. He added, “I’m glad to go up a step compared to the last time and it was satisfying. I really feel good.”

Watch the clip of his reveal below!

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