Update: SHINee Gives A Colorful And Trippy Look At Upcoming “I Want You” MV

Updated June 9 KST:

SHINee has gifted fans with a glimpse of their MV for “I Want You” through a new teaser!

They’ve also shared new preview clips for the track.

Updated June 8 KST:

SHINee has released two new group photos for “‘The Story of Light’ Ep. 2” and more clips of their new music, this time for the song “Drive”!

Updated June 7 KST:

SHINee has shared more teasers for their new mini album “‘The Story of Light’ Ep. 2”!

SHINee has also released a preview of another new song! Their new clips are for the track “Electric.”

Updated June 6 KST:

SHINee revealed the next set of teaser images for the second episode of their “The Story Of Light” series, this time featuring photos of Minho and Onew!

They’ve also shared previews of their upcoming song “Who Waits for Love.”

Updated June 5 KST:

SHINee has shared a new set of teasers for their second episode of “The Story of Light”! The teasers include pictures of Taemin and Key as well as a group shot.

In addition, SHINee revealed previews of their upcoming song “Chemistry”!

Original Article:

Just days after releasing their first episode and title track of their sixth full studio album, SHINee has started teasing their next release!

On June 4 at midnight KST, they revealed a clip from their upcoming music video as well as images for “I Want You,” the title track of “The Story of Light EP. 2”

SHINee previously dropped “Good Evening,” the title track of “The Story of Light EP. 1,” on May 28 and has been seeing immense success around the world. As announced, SHINee’s sixth full album is being released in three mini albums or “episodes,” each with its own title track, in celebration of their 10th debut anniversary.

“I Want You” and “The Story of Light EP. 2” will be unveiled on June 11. Check out the whimsical teasers below!

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