11 Most Memorable Moments Of BTS’s Time In The United States This Year

BTS did it again: they traveled to the United States, snatched an award, performed, gave interviews; and left a trail of baffled bystanders and teary-eyed ARMYs. While the boys were busy promoting, ARMYs around the world engaged in the great ticket war of 2018, fighting for a chance to attend a “BTS World Tour: Love Yourself” concert. So in case the battle kept you too busy to catch up to all the events from their trip, we made a little collection to recall their most memorable moments on U.S. shows and stages.

1. The BBMAs

ARMY of course knew BTS would attend the BBMAs and give the stage debut of their new songs. Other attendees and press on the other hand were probably a bit surprised by the boys just casually waltzing in and pretty much owning the place. They took pictures with pretty much every big name attending, even signing an album for John Legend. Seeing their fabulous red carpet appearance, their marvelous performance, and of course them taking home the award for Top Social Artist; the BBMAs might want to add a B for BTS at this point. Oh, and don’t forget their private afterparty on V Live, where they spilled all the tea, or, actually, Champagne.

2. Their return to “Ellen”

While they were on “Ellen,” BTS talked, performed, and made a bunch of ARMYs really happy, but Ellen also fulfilled “Friends”-fan Namjoon’s dream of being on the actual set of the show. The members got to hide behind the counter of the “Central Perk” coffee shop, jump out on cue, and scare a hand full of lucky ARMYs. They also got scared by one of Ellen’s infamous pranks, when a guy in a “fangirl” costume jumped out of a stage prop. While all of their “Ellen” appearance is absolutely worth watching, seeing the boys actually getting to have some fun on one of their schedules seems like the biggest treat of all.

3. Boys with fun

If you’ve watched some of the other interviews, you’ll probably agree: There are some that are pretty linear, and some that are actually a fun conversation between BTS and someone who seems genuinely interested. Take for example J-14’s Liam McEwan or the Morning Mess from Live 101.5 in Phoenix; some interviews just felt like the members were meeting old friends. We also have to mention the song guessing game on MYfm that prompted them to hilariously sing the intro of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Seeing the boys making fools of themselves just never gets old.

Obviously we can’t skip the endless flood of interviews BTS did to promote their new release “Love Yourself: Tear.” But instead of going through them one by one, we’re gonna give you the best, most awkward, or most memorable moments of each member. Here we go!

4. Spokesperson and dad joke delegate RM

Of course our leader had to do the talking, so he can’t avoid getting into one or two awkward situations. Take for example the “That’s why we call them pupPEEs” joke in reaction to a puppy peeing; or the “We’ll see John Legend at the BBMAs” as an answer to the members saying they want people to see BTS as legends in the future. Also, we can’t forget his amazing deflecting skills when being asked about their relationship status. Nams really is a worthy spokesperson.

5. Self promotion machine Jin

There was car door guy, there was (and forever will be) worldwide handsome, and now there’s worldwide cutie guy. From adorably blowing kisses to interviewers for being an ARMY to letting someone touch his face to prove that his skin is amazing – we can all learn from Jin’s self esteem. He really is dedicated to the Love Yourself message. By answering the frequently asked question, “What do you love most about yourself” with an explanation of how of course it’s his face, and that he’s worldwide cutie guy now, he also loosens up the conversation, which often is still quite stiff at this point. So he’s not only worldwide cutie guy, but potentially also worldwide saves interviews guy.

6. Coolest of the bunch Suga

When he’s not working overtime at his studio, Suga’s love for all things relaxing is a well-known (and perfectly accepted!) fact. He stays true to his mantra, very relatably stating his perfect day off consists of “Sleep and sleep and sleep.” But we also got to see a different side of his personality when he had fun laughing whenever someone got scared – be it ARMYs or Hobi; or when he (probably) made Holly very jealous by proclaiming his love for puppies while cuddling one. Yoongi was the one stating a Grammy as his next big aim, so there’s nothing more to say than: Get that man his Grammy!

7. Easily startled ray of sunshine J-Hope

Hobi being a force of positivity is always amazing to see, especially when it’s him keeping puppies from fighting by yelling “Don’t fight! Don’t fight!” Our beloved peace maker got pretty flustered when interviewers congratulated him on his successful mixtape, shifting back the focus to the group. He was also the one naming themselves when asked what K-pop act they would recommend, hilariously deflecting the question. Knowing Hobi’s very easily startled, we almost felt bad watching him fall off the sofa while the boys got pranked on “Ellen.”

8. Practiced “Hello!” Jimin

BTS’s trip to the United States was quite an informative one for Jimin stans, seeing as how we got a decent amount of info on him. First and foremost, he loves his everything. That’s important. Also, he got exposed as the member who takes the longest to get ready. It seems there might be a slight connection between those two facts. But no shame, because honestly, who could stop looking at the mirror if that was your reflection? Also, he’s not alone in loving the concept that is Park Jimin – he obviously found a little fan in a puppy, who also loves “Fake Love.” This is our new favorite couple.

9. Potential puppy thief V

The puppy stories don’t end with Chimchim. Tae’s face when he saw the puppies was arguably the most adorable moment in all of their U.S. footage combined. It was maybe only topped by the moment when one puppy peed on the floor and Tae just couldn’t hide his heart eyes while saying “Cuuuute.” Same, Tae. But not necessarily talking about the puppy. When he wasn’t going around being a big ol’ ball of fluff, he can be pretty savage, handing out his glasses to an interviewer, bringing Korean soju just to keep them supplied, or stunning fans by talking about their BBMA performance in really good English on “Ellen.” All in all, it was nothing new: just Tae perfectly embodying the infamous “man who can do both.”

10. Now showing his abs for a split second longer than usual Jungkook

Yes, the abs during “Fake Love” had their debut with the first live performance of the song in the United States, but we’re not here to creep on the maknae. Also, he stated he’s had them kind of forever, so it’s not that big of a deal anyway. (We’re also not sure whom we’re trying to convince by writing that.) In hindsight, the abs move might explain the blank stare in response to RM commenting on their new choreo by saying, “We got moves.” When Kookie’s not flashing his abs, he’s still his usual self, getting really excited about imitating Justin Timberlake in an artist/song guessing game and joking about the next (maybe??) upcoming BTS mixtape being “JK! Let’s go!”

11. The message of “Love Yourself: Tear”

Interviews are a thing for a reason. Aside from having a fun time, they’re also supposed to be a space for the artist to elaborate on what’s important to them about their new work – the overall message. Love – be it the one between lovers or the one for yourself – has not only good, but also bad times. Love in real life is not like a fairy tale. There’s also sadness, tears, and honesty. If you’re not true to either yourself or to your love, it won’t last. Take off the mask and be true to who you are. This is the message Namjoon explained in almost all of the interviews and the message the album holds. It’s not funny and might not have the same entertainment value as the members reacting to bacon with emojis; but it is the story the boys want to tell with “Love Yourself: Tear” and it deserves to be heard.

How did you like BTS’s time in the United States? What’s your favorite interview? Did you get a ticket to the tour? Let us know in the comments!

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