Watch: Wanna One Brings Lots Of Love And Laughter In “Light” MV Making Film

A behind-the-scenes clip has been released for Wanna One’s upcoming “Light” music video!

Lee Dae Hwi begins by introducing “Light,” sharing that the members unanimously voted for it as the title track. He reveals that the song requests, “Turn on the light to my heart.”

He hugs Kim Jae Hwan in excitement when he appears on set and comments, “I like this hyung these days.”

Park Woo Jin’s solo shoot is shown next, and he says, “I think music video filming days are always fun and exciting, and I always look forward to them.”

Park Ji Hoon and Bae Jin Young discover a cat on set and carefully approach it. Bae Jin Young mentions, “I’m also known as a cat to Wannables.”

On the second day, Wanna One begins filming group scenes for their music video. The members appear focused but seem to be enjoying the shoot. At one point, Park Woo Jin’s pants rip while filming.

In between takes, the members happily joke around with each other, and Kim Jae Hwan and Park Woo Jin are seen admiring Hwang Min Hyun’s abs.

Once the shoot begins, Wanna One gives their all as they pull off impressive choreography.

Yoon Ji Sung says during a break, “There’s a chip bag over there that’s like 50 years old,” to which Kim Jae Hwan jokes, “Really? How do you know a chip bag that’s 50 years old?” and Kang Daniel chimes in, “Are you actually 58 years old?”

The next scene shows Park Woo Jin tapping Kim Jae Hwan’s neck to try a unique vibration singing technique, which Hwang Min Hyun stops while remarking with laughter, “It looks like it hurts!”

Wanna One’s special album “1÷χ=1(UNDIVIDED)” and the music video for “Light” will be unveiled on June 4 at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the making video below!

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