BTS’s V Shows Love For Park Seo Joon With Humorous But Thoughtful Gift

V and Park Seo Joon have shown their close friendship once again!

On June 5, Park Seo Joon uploaded photos in front of the coffee truck that V sent to the set of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”

The coffee truck features two banners and an unflattering selfie of Park Seo Joon.

V shows his tough love as the banner on top jokes, “You must be struggling a lot because of Park Seo Joon. Just think of it as providing another reflector for an ugly guy, and please take good care of him anyway.”

The banner with the selfie says, “Originally a neighborhood fool,” and “I love you, Hyung.”

Park Seo Joon’s caption reads, “You cute guy, thanks and I love you.. I thank you and love you, but you must know well that nothing good will come out of being like this?” He also included in the hashtag, “But I still love you TwaeTwae.”

The coffee truck company also shared a video, which shows that the cups include the message, “A treat from TwaeTwae! Please don’t forget the reflector for the ugly guy~.”

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