“Along With The Gods 2” Releases Official Poster And Premiere Date

“Along With the Gods 2” has released its official poster and premiere date.

The official poster of the sequel to the box office hit announced that the movie will be premiering on August 1. The film is entitled “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days” and depicts a dark, smoldering landscape with the three grim reapers Joo Ji Hoon, Ha Jung Woo, and Kim Hyang Gi. The film will also star Ma Dong Seok and Kim Dong Wook, with a special appearance from Lee Jung Jae.

The first film, “Along With the Gods: Two Worlds,” was a smash hit, breaking records with over 14.4 million moviegoers. It also achieved the highest box office of any Asian movie in Taiwan, the second highest box office of any Korean movie in Hong Kong, and was also popular in North America, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and more. The films especially gained attention as they were the first Korean movies to conclude filming both at the same time, rather than filming the sequel after the release of the first film.

The sequel will be about the grim reapers from the first film as they guide their 49th soul through the underworld, which upon completion, means they will recover their memories from one thousand years ago. Anticipation for the film continues to rise, with many curious about the role of Sung Joo Shin (played by Ma Dong Seok), who made a brief appearance in the first film.

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