Lee Young Ae’s Upcoming Historical Spy Drama Reveals More Details

More details have been revealed about Lee Young Ae’s upcoming drama “Lee Mong” (working title).

“Lee Mong” is an espionage melodrama that has been confirmed to begin airing in 2019. The airdate is in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the forming of the Korean Provisional Government in 1919, which is seen as the foundation for Korea’s government today.

The drama will take place in Gyeongseong (present-day Seoul), Manchuria, and Singapore during the time of Japanese colonial rule. “Lee Mong” will tell the story of the fight for independence led by spy leader Kim Won Bong and Korean-Japanese surgeon Lee Young Jin (played by Lee Young Ae). They will become spies for the provisional government that is based in Shanghai, and play an active role in the Pacific War.

Casting is currently underway for its main characters including Kim Won Bong, and the drama will start filming in the fall in Mongolia and Shanghai.

Since 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the government and the drama is about the heroes who devoted themselves to Korean independence, there is heightened expectation at home and from overseas.

Vice President Han Suk Won who recently joined “Lee Mong” after serving as the production manager of “Descendants of the Sun” said, “It looks like ‘Lee Mong,’ which is drawing a lot of attention at home and overseas, will be the first example of a global project in 2019. We will show you a high-quality drama that will be a suitable for the 100th anniversary of the nation’s founding that will be perfect for domestic and overseas audiences.”

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