11 Times INFINITE Proved They Are True Variety Kings

Eight years might have passed by, but the INFINITE members are still as hilarious and entertaining as they were back when they debuted with “Come Back Again.” When they are not too busy performing their massive hits and perfect in-sync choreos, or hitting those high notes and pursuing their solo careers as actors and MCs, the members are really fun to watch in any variety show. They definitely know how to crack everyone up with their foolish antics, adorable dorkiness, and just the right amount of sass and extraness.

To celebrate eight wonderful years with these talented guys, let’s take a look at some of their most priceless moments on variety shows!

The part switch challenge of “Be Mine”

Give them a few tries and INFINITE will excel at everything, even singing their legendary song “Be Mine” with their parts switched. It’s hard to decide which one was funnier: Sunggyu imitating Sungjong’s iconic dance moves or Sungyeol challenging himself rapping Hoya’s part at the end.

Sungyeol’s banana prank

Let’s go back to “Sesame Player” days and let Sungyeol inspire us all on how to prank our friends next time. Shooting some vinegar into bananas suddenly seems like the best idea ever and the others’ reaction is truly amusing.

When Sunggyu had enough of his dense members

Frustrated Sunggyu is so much fun to watch. One of his most extra moments is definitely thanks to “Ranking King.” INFINITE was playing a board game where they had to answer quiz questions to step forward on the board. Sunggyu knew that winning that round would lead him to go back to the start, but he couldn’t help but answer the easy question once he realized all his other team members were absolutely clueless.

The iconic girl group dances

“Weekly Idol” episodes with INFINITE are always among the most entertaining ones, and this short clip of the members doing girl group dances portrays perfectly why. Sungyeol could have easily won “Produce 101,” let’s be real!

Myungsoo’s sweet confession

INFINITE members had a mission to charm f(x)’s Luna on “A Song For You,” and L won by a mile! His short and sweet confession was straight out of a romance movie or drama. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with Myungsoo, this video will definitely change your mind!

The mandu game

“INFINITE Showtime” had tons of moments that made us roll on the floor from laughing, but their intense game of “mandu” was one of the greatest highlights! How lucky guy Dongwoo ended up washing the vegetables is still a mistery, though.

Dongwoo analyzing INFINITE’s butts

Our happy virus is talented at many things, and analyzing butts is just one of them. We’ve got a surprisingly thorough run-down from our main rapper and he even picked the worst and best butt to touch in INFINITE!

“Small school” and “elephantary school”

Studying foreign languages is a challenge in itself, but understanding and remembering school systems can be difficult for everyone – even for Sungyeol and former member Hoya. Elementary school is too lame anyway, we’re only going to “small schools” and “elephantary schools” from now on!

Sungjong’s smile

Don’t ask Siri if you want to know how to pose while doing a photo shoot, just listen to INFINITE’s youngest and his great advice! Sungjong’s smile can actually clear your skin and cure diseases, so it’s no surprise that he chose this as his greatest power.

INFINITE and their soccer skills

INFINITE on “Ask Us Anything” is pure entertainment. You shouldn’t miss this short clip of them trying to do their best with soccer balls. While some of them were as cool as pro players, others struggled adorably with this chest trapping challenge. Sungjong was actually way too relatable!

The answer is always Inspirit for Woohyun

Their latest whisper challenge was as chaotic as expected and it seemed like they were going to end up with zero points after all. Except for the last round, where almost everyone understood the expression correctly. Everyone, but the last member Woohyun, who couldn’t get his fans, Inspirits, out of his head and thought the answer was the fandom name. They might have lost the game, but they certainly won every Inspirit’s heart again and again!

INFINITE has already spent eight incredibly wonderful years together full with success and happiness. Let’s hope for many more! INFINITE and Inspirits, happy 8th anniversary!

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