Wanna One Members Reveal What They Did During Their 1-Day Break

On June 6, Wanna One’s units Triple Position and Lean On Me were guests on radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

During the show, it was revealed that the members had a valuable one day break after the conclusion of three days of concerts from June 1 through 3. They were asked what they chose to do that day.

Kang Daniel answered, “During the one day after the concert, I caught up on meals that I was behind on. I think I ate about six meals that day. When I eat a lot, I eat each meal until I am satisfied. There is no moderate amount.”

Kim Jae Hwan spent the day to catch up with friends. “We talked a lot and ate together. They are friends that I have known since middle school.” Park Woo Jin revealed that he spent time with family.

Hwang Min Hyun shared, “I am roommates with Sung Woon, and we ate lunch, watched a movie, ate dinner, and returned to the dorm. We spent the entire day together.”

Ha Sung Woon added, “We caught up on our sleep,” with Hwang Min Hyun revealing that they slept until 2 p.m. Ha Sung Woon continued, “Min Hyun had been managing a strict diet, so he had a lot of food to catch up on.” They ate pasta, pizza, and fried rice for lunch and then ate gamjatang (spicy pork bone stew) for dinner after watching a movie.

Yoon Ji Sung said regarding his day, “Jae Hwan and I had promised to go eat tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) together since a few days earlier. However, he came home after eating already with our manager. I was so sad. He had been saying for days that we should go eat it together.”

Kang Daniel commented, “You should’ve asked me,” and Yoon Ji Sung responded, “I posted in our group chat, but no one replied, so I took it to-go and ate it at home alone.”

Kim Jae Hwan explained, “It was beef brisket tteokbokki. I wanted to eat it so badly until the day before, so I told him we should go together. When the concert ended, though, I started craving other foods.”

Ha Sung Woon chimed in, “I think Jae Hwan must have felt apologetic, because I went to Ji Sung’s room yesterday, and Jae Hwan was lying down next to him. I asked Jae Hwan what he’s doing, and he was like, ‘This hyung keeps on asking me to come.'”

Yoon Ji Sung argued, “He is the one that decided to come and lie down,” and Kim Jae Hwan ended the playful bickering as he clarified, “It is my expression of love for him.”

Wanna One has completed the Seoul stop of their world tour and is now beginning promotions for their new album “1÷χ=1 (UNDIVIDED)” and the title track “Light.”

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