Watch: Park Hae Jin, VIXX’s N, 9MUSES’s Kyungri, SEVENTEEN’s DK, And More Participate In 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge

More and more stars are joining in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge!

On June 6, actor Park Hae Jin posted a video of his participation on Instagram. He had been chosen by Nana and named Jo Dong Hyuk, MC Boom, and NU’EST’s Ren as the next challengers.

LABOUM’s Solbin also posted a video on the same day. “Hello, this is LABOUM’s Solbin,” she wrote. “I’m participating in this meaningful ice bucket challenge thanks to Chungha!” She then asked SONAMOO’s NewSun, PENTAGON’s Kino, and Park Jimin to join her.

Chosen by Solbin, SONAMOO’s NewSun quickly took on the challenge and shared her participation. “Those who’ll participate in the ice bucket challenge with me are the people who have always supported me, WJSN’s Bona, B.A.P’s Jongup, and actress Lee Sun Bin,” she wrote.

WJSN’s Yeonjung was also named by Chungha along with LABOUM’s Solbin. After asking for people’s support for ALS patients, Yeonjung asked gugudan’s Mina, TWICE’s Sana, and (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon to join her.

BIGFLO’s Euijin, who’s also a member of project group UNB, took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge on June 6 after he was named by announcer Jo Choong Hyun. He then named Kanto, 100%’s Rockhyun, and Boyfriend’s Donghyun as the next challengers.

100%’s Rockhyun shared the video of his participation on Instagram as well. “Hello, this is 100%’s Rockhyun,” he wrote. “I came to join in the ice bucket challenge with gratitude to UNB’s Euijin.” Rockhyun chose Teen Top’s Niel, Gavy NJ’s Seorin, and Feeldog as the next challengers.

BIGSTAR’s Feeldog took part in the challenge after he was named by 100%’s Rockhyun. “I hope Seungil Hope Foundation’s construction of the first nursing hospital for Lou Gehrig’s disease in the country is completed as soon as possible,” he wrote. “The people I’ll name are my old friend and a great dancer 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon, the smile fairy of a cool band MAS’s Song Dong Myung, and IMFACT’s Jeup who’ll shine even more in the future.”

UNI.T’s Hyunjoo shared her ice bucket challenge video on Instagram on June 5. After thanking MATILDA’s Dan-a for choosing her, Hyunjoo named Lovelyz’s Jin, A-JAX’s Joong Hee, and her fellow member Euijin.

UNI.T’s Euijin, who’s also a member of SONAMOO, participated after her fellow member Hyunjoo and LipBubble’s Eunbyeol challenged her. N.Flying’s Kim Jaehyun, Yoo Hoe Seung, and CLC’s Seungyeon were then named to join in.

Kanto also joined in the challenge on June 6 after he was picked by UNB’s Euijin. “Hello, this is Kanto,” He says in the clip. “Thanks to UNB’s Euijin for allowing me to participate in this challenge for a good cause.”

After explaining what the ice bucket challenge is about, Kanto poured the icy cold water over himself. He didn’t name his next challengers but shared the phone number and the web address of Seungil Hope Foundation.

Actress Shin Hye Sun shared the video of her participation on the same day. “Hello, this is Shin Hye Sun,” she wrote. “I’m very happy to take part in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge with the recommendation of actress Im Soo Hyang. I hope my participation will serve as a big support and help for the ALS patients. The next challengers that I’ll name are actors Seo Eun Soo, Oh Eui Sik, and Kang Tae Oh who have worked with me in the past.”

UNI.T’s Lee Suji joined the Ice Bucket Challenge after she was named by MATILDA’s Saebyul and fellow UNI.T member NC.A. She chose Real Girls Project’s Sori, Jiseul, and UNI.T’s Yoonjo as the next challengers.

9MUSES’s Kyungri posted her participation video on Instagram on June 5. “I’m joining in the meaningful 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge thanks to Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha,” she wrote. “I sincerely hope that the first national nursing hospital for Lou Gehrig’s disease will be built so that the patients will be treated in a better environment. A lot of attention and support are needed, not just from me. Those who will continue the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge are indie singer It’s, DJ Soda, and model Rock Chae Eun.”

DreamCatcher’s Dami took part in the challenge after she was challenged by Oh My Girl’s Binnie. She then named Berry Good’s Seoyool, Lovelyz’s Soojung, and (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon.

VIXX’s N posted a video clip of his participation on Instagram on June 6. “Hello, this is Cha Hak Yeon,” he says. “Thanks to Rooftop Moonlight’s Kim Yoon Joo and Cha Eun Woo, I’m joining in the ice bucket challenge campaign and donation to build a nursing hospital for ALS patients.” N then asked comedian Yoo Byung Jae, designer Go Tae Yong, and gugudan’s Mina to join in.

SEVENTEEN’s DK took part in the challenge after he was chosen by announcer Kim Hwan. The next challengers he named were GOT7’s Yugyeom, singer-songwriter BUMZU, and fellow SEVENTEEN member The8.

HALO’s Yoondong shared his participation on HALO’s official Twitter account after being named by KNK’s Jihun. He named Lee Chun Soo, UNB’s Daewon, and A.C.E’s Kim Byeong Kwan.

Teen Top’s Niel took on the challenge by 100%’s Rockhyun and posted his participation clip on Instagram. After asking for the public’s attention on the good cause behind the ice bucket challenge, Niel named 2PM’s Chansung, Block B’s Park Kyung, and Shinhwa’s Andy as the next challengers.

UP10TION’s Kogyeol shared his participation on June 6 as well. “Hello, this is UP10TION’s Kogyeol,” he wrote. “I’d like to thank KNK’s Jihun who has allowed me to join in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge supporting the construction of the first nursing hospital for Lou Gehrig’s disease in the country.” Kogyeol then asked PENTAGON’s Yeo One, SF9’s Dawon, and fellow member Wooshin to join in.

(G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon also took part in the challenge, after being named by DreamCatcher’s Dami and WJSN’s Yeonjung. For the next challengers, she named Grace, Hwang In Sun, and Yoo Seon Ho.

VICTON’s Sejun shared a video of himself taking on the challenge after being tagged by KNK’s Jihun. He named MC Jun, SF9’s Dawon, and KNK’s Seungjun as the next challengers.

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