Park Hyung Sik Shows The Gifts He’s Received From Friends Park Seo Joon And Han Ji Min

Park Hyung Sik is continuing to receive support from his former co-stars on the set of “Suits”!

On June 6, Park Hyung Sik posted photos of a coffee truck from “Hwarang” co-star Park Seo Joon.

Park Hyung Sik previously sent Park Seo Joon a coffee truck on the set of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” and wittily incorporated both of their on-screen characters in his message of support.

He had previously invited Yoo Myung Group vice president Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”) as a client of Kang & Ham (Park Hyung Sik’s law firm in “Suits”).

Park Seo Joon continued this in his message to Park Hyung Sik on his coffee truck. On the banners, he wrote, “It’s an honor to be with Kang & Ham. – from Yoo Myung Group’s vice president Lee Young Joon-” On another banner, he said, “‘Suits’ team, please don’t get tired and have strength until the end. Also, please love our Sik until the end!”

The actor also added a cute message on the stickers which read, “Hyung Sik. Let’s be cool and be friends for another 60 years.”

Park Hyung Sik shared these photos and added, “I’ll take 60 years and add 100 more!” In the hashtags, he wrote, “Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, contract sealed, in celebration, I love you brother.”

The “Suits” star then shared a photo of himself and Chae Jung An standing in front of a coffee truck sent by actress Han Ji Min.

Han Ji Min and Park Hyung Sik previously starred in the film “Two Lights: Relúmĭno” together which premiered in December of last year.

On the banners, she apologized for the belated coffee truck for Chae Jung An and Park Hyung Sik and then added, “‘Suits’ actors and staff, please drink this coffee and keep going in this deadly heat!” Park Hyung Sik thanked her in the caption and called her an angel, adding that his stomach was going to burst and that he felt happy.

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