14 Times MAMAMOO Completely Slayed At Being Themselves

Happy four-year debut anniversary to MAMAMOO! Ever since they first arrived on the K-pop scene, these lovely ladies have been slaying the game with their diverse talents and personalities. Above all, MooMoos absolutely adore the members’ hilarious and unpredictable antics, since those moments truly reveal MAMAMOO’s authentic selves. So as a homage to MAMAMOO, whom their fans love so much, here are the most memorable instances where the members were nothing more than themselves. Enjoy!

1. Dancing on “Weekly Idol”

Though the object of this game is to resist dancing to the music, MAMAMOO was having no part of that. The supposedly “introverted” members of MAMAMOO flailed about while a concerned GFRIEND looked on at the mess unfolding before them.

2. Playing around during a fanmeet

The girls aren’t only funny on broadcast; they act freely in front of their fans as well. From Moonbyul and Solar acting as Hwasa’s human microphone, to the girls dancing in a circle around a fan, this video is wild until the very end. Even their manager can be seen running about at times!

3. Hwasa and Wheein doing That

In this iconic clip, Hwasa and Wheein came together to form the beautiful unit group that is 2YoungGirls. The performance is kind of indescribable, so please, please watch it. MC Yoo Hee Yeol was dying while Solar and Moonbyul didn’t even look the least bit fazed at this debauchery.

4. Covering various K-pop songs

Though MAMAMOO is known for their gorgeous medleys, sometimes their covers can become a little more…freestyle. Simply put, watching MAMAMOO attempting to dance K-pop songs is the definition of “expectation vs. reality.”

5. Their clever ad-libs

One of MAMAMOO’s cutest quirks is their tendency to change ad-libs whenever they perform a song. Depending on where and when they’re on stage, they’ll often shout out something different. My favorite from the clip below is when Hwasa tells Solar “You’re just my style!”

6. Dubbing a Latin telenovela

Since we all know Korean dramas tend to be over-the-top, some genius came up with the idea that MAMAMOO should do a voice-over for a dramatic telenovela from Latin America. Needless to say, the result involved lots of screaming and talking about bad breath. Only MAMAMOO, ladies and gentlemen.

7. Moonbyul’s greasy flirting

We all know that Moonbyul isn’t exactly the most traditionally feminine girl out there, a notion which is made even more apparent by her shameless flirting to the camera. Further girl crush qualities include: sick dance moves, swaggy rapping, and having a preference for being called handsome over pretty.

8. Hwasa’s lethal comments on “Ask Us Anything”

As she is a femme fatale, Hwasa doesn’t hold back with her words, no matter how racy they may be. While playing a word game on “Ask Us Anything,” Hwasa would respond with things like, “Let’s stay up all night,” and “Let’s get wasted!” Afterward, Seo Jang Hoon jokingly said to her, “Exactly what kind of life have you been living?!”

9. Solar learning English with Eric Nam

When she was on “We Got Married,” Solar shared a cute moment during which Eric Nam tried to teach her English. Despite her supposedly being MAMAMOO’s designated English speaker, Solar feigned insecurity about the language in front of Eric. But the jig was up when Eric noticed Solar spelling everything correctly!

10. Wheein struggling to open a water bottle

Cute, tiny Wheein couldn’t open a water bottle on stage, so naturally someone noticed and made a funny edit of the incident. In the end, she still couldn’t open the thing, and Hwasa ended up separating her from the precious bottle. Tragic!

11. When their stages don’t go as planned

Even when someone falls or messes up their lyrics, MAMAMOO seems to take it all in stride. Most of the time it just seems as though they’re laughing at themselves! Plus, you can’t forget about the occasional onstage butt slap.

12. When they bicker over insignificant things

There will inevitably be times when the MAMAMOO members adorably fight with each other, as all friends do. If anything, their quarreling proves that their chemistry is even stronger!

13. When they show off their vocals

MAMAMOO wouldn’t be MAMAMOO without their incredible vocal prowess! They’re good at singing and they know it, which is made all the more obvious by the ease with which they do acapella. MAMAMOO = a blessing for the ears.

14. When they work hard during their busy schedules

Though we all know MAMAMOO is ridiculously goofy and talented, they do have a more serious side to them. The MAMAMOO members always stay true to themselves and their work by working especially hard to give a good performance every time. The group is in high demand for university festivals, and the fact that they can give their all at every single show is a feat in itself.

What do you love most about MAMAMOO? Be sure to spread some love for these girls in the comments!

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