12 BTOB Moments That Made Us Swoon

BTOB is making a comeback with their 11th mini-album, and us Melodies are pretty excited. If their promo shoot was any indication of what it’s going to be like when they return, then we’re all here for it. Over the years, BTOB has continued to appease their fans through lots of variety show appearances and continuous releases of soul-touching songs. It’s honestly the best being a Melody! To commemorate all that they do for us and to celebrate their comeback, here’s a look at 12 memorable BTOB moments that made us swoon. (And yes, it was difficult to choose!)

1. When Ilhoon appeared on Joo’s V-Live to support his sister’s comeback

It had been awhile since we’d seen Joo around in the music industry. So, when she finally made her return and came out with a new album, we knew that Ilhoon, being the super supportive younger brother that he is, would be there for her. He’s the sweetest!

2. Peniel’s BRAVE appearance on “Hello Counselor”

It took a lot of courage for Peniel to go on a variety show to reveal his struggles with hair loss. It seemed like he had been really stressed about it over the years, but after he revealed his worry on the show, it was like a weight that was lifted off of his shoulders. He became a new man!

Back when he was on the show:

And look at him now!

3. Im Hyunsik fishing like a boss on “Law of the Jungle”

Hyunsik has recently been dominating on the show “Law of the Jungle” for his reliability and fishing skills. He basically has no fears. He even swam in deep waters at night time to make sure there was enough fish for him and the other guests. Needless to say, it made us fall for him even more.

4. When BTOB performed at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards… and won the best OST award!

Look at how nice they clean up. I love how much the BTOB members’ vocals are used in K-drama OSTs. It’s just a testament to how well they sing and how much people recognize their amazing vocals.

5. When Minhyuk broke the record for high jump at the Idol Star Athletics Championships

Minhyuk is athletic. And it’s pretty hot. He quite effortlessly set the new record for high jump, and he didn’t even break a sweat.

6. Yook Sungjae’s breakthrough as an actor

It’s been an impressive several years watching our BTOB maknae Yook Sungjae take on so many challenges as an actor, and even on variety shows.

How could we forget his role as Deok Hwa in the hit tvN drama, “Goblin“?

7. The song Ilhoon produced for PENTAGON

It’s no secret that Ilhoon is gifted at producing. He’s written a lot of songs on BTOB’s previous albums and even released a solo album this past year. So many of these members are the complete package, aren’t they?!

Check out how beautiful this song is:

8. Changsub sticking up for people

The BTOB members had a little hidden camera prank played on them where one of their fans was being bullied by her boyfriend. Most of the members intervened, but Changsub’s way of defending his helpless fan was by far the coolest.

9. BTOB’s leader showing just how impressive his vocal range is

When Eunkwang appeared on “Ask Us Anything,” he blew the members of the show away with his rendition of So Chan Hwi’s “Tears.” He sang it in its original key, which is amazing considering it’s nearly impossible for even women to sing the song.

10. Hyunsik’s song on “Hyena on the Keyboard”

It’s crazy being able to see the process that idols go through to produce songs. It’s known that Im Hyunsik is the “father of music” in the group, as he has the effortless ability to make song after song.

When he appeared on the show “Hyena on the Keyboard,” we were able to get a glimpse of how he gains inspiration for his songs and how deep his love for music really runs. The outcome of his efforts were mind-blowing and soul-touching. Just have a listen to the song:

11. Their recent teasers for their mini album


12. BTOB Blue’s appearance on “Sugar Man 2”

Their rendition of the classic song “Cold” by Lee Ki Chan is seriously flawless.


Hey BTOB fans, what are your most memorable BTOB moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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