T-ara’s Eunjung Joins Song Ji Hyo, Park Shi Hoo, And Highlight’s Lee Gikwang In New Drama

T-ara’s Eunjung will be appearing in a new drama soon!

On June 8, it was confirmed that the singer and actress officially joined the upcoming KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Lovely Horror-vely” (tentative title) after stating that she was considering the role. The drama is a romantic horror comedy that follows the story of weird things that start to happen to a top star and a screenwriter, and has already confirmed Song Ji Hyo, Park Shi Hoo, and Highlight’s Lee Gikwang as cast members.

Eunjung will take on the role of top actress Shin Yoon Ah, who is adored by the nation but is reclusive as she enjoys her privacy. Though she seems frail and aloof to the public, she is someone who can be cold and straightforward when it comes to love, and her character will bring more fun to the drama.

On why she decided to take the role, Eunjung explained, “First of all, the script was so much fun to read. I’m so happy and excited to be working on a project that is so unique and has an intriguing premise. It’s been six months since ‘All Kinds of Daughters-In-Law’ and I’m excited to be acting again. I will continue to work hard as an actress in the future, so please continue to give me your support.”

“Lovely Horror-vely” is set to begin airing this August.

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