NU’EST’s JR Celebrates Birthday With Meaningful Tour, Ren Teases Him With Revealing Video

NU’EST’s JR showed fans his gratitude through a special “Bugi Tour” in honor of his birthday!

On June 7, the day before his birthday, JR took to Instagram to share a photo of himself holding a banner that read “JR Tour.” Not long afterwards, he explained through a special Naver V Live broadcast that he had taken the selfie to commemorate his “Bugi Tour,” in which he visited the many ads and billboards that fans had placed throughout Seoul in celebration of his birthday.

“Thank you so much for placing so many [birthday] ads,” he said during the broadcast. “Seeing them in person, I was deeply touched. So I decided to briefly hold a V Live [broadcast] to express my immense gratitude. Thank you so much for your many birthday wishes.”

JR went on to reveal that during the tour, he had dressed up in a special costume and mask of a character that resembled him. He also mentioned a birthday ad placed by fans in his hometown of Gangneung, sharing that his parents purposely drove past it during their daily commute.

“They don’t actually have to pass by that area on their way home,” he said with a laugh. “But they always make sure to drive by it and stop to look at it. They like it so much that it made me really happy as well. Thank you.”

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JR’s bandmates also posted on Instagram in celebration of his birthday. On June 8, Ren shared a brief video clip of a shirtless JR working out and teasingly wrote, “Our small and precious Bugi leader! Hoping that you’ll be happy each and every day for the rest of your life.” He added in the hashtags, “Leader Kim,” “Happy,” and “Birthday.”

JR, who is known to shy away from baring any skin—even going so far as to sport long-sleeved shirts during the summer—responded to Ren’s video by playfully commenting, “Minki [Ren’s given name]… I’m coming home right now…”

Ren jokingly replied in the comments, “I’ve locked the door…”

Aron posted a less revealing photo of JR, writing, “Jonghyun, our dependable leader! Happy Birthday, and I hope that you will be always be healthy and happy.”

Happy Birthday to JR!

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