Update: Military And Highlight’s Agency Clarify Why Yoon Doojoon Can’t Travel Overseas

Updated June 8 KST:

Around Us Entertainment has issued a further statement for clarification about the issue of Highlight member Yoon Doojoon’s current inability to travel abroad.

The statement is as follows:

“Hello. This is Around Us Ent.

“We apologize for causing the confusion of many fans due to yesterday’s notice on the official website about Yoon Doojoon’s inability to go abroad.

“Yoon Doojoon had previously delayed his military enlistment for reasons including illness due to a knee injury, and as there has been a recent strengthening under the military service laws of the judging of criteria for overseas travel by people who have delayed enlistment, travel overseas has become difficult.

“Therefore, concerning the May 29 amendments that had been mentioned previously, we inform you that there is no direct correlation between Yoon Doojoon’s inability to travel overseas and the amendments.

“When conveying news about our artists in the future, we will make announcements after checking in detail one more time.

“We apologize again for causing confusion.”

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Original Article: 

Following news that Yoon Doojoon will be unable to travel abroad for Highlight’s upcoming overseas promotions, the Military Manpower Association has clarified that the new amendments to the military service law are not the reason why Yoon Doojoon is not allowed to travel overseas.

The Military Manpower Association released an official statement and said, “It is not true that Yoon Doojoon is not eligible for a short-term overseas travel permit due to the reformed regulations regarding overseas travel.”

They further explained, “The reformed overseas travel permit regulations are supplementary to the existing regulations because the short-term overseas travel permit has been widely abused as a method of postponing military enlistment. Individuals who are between the ages of 25 to 27 (28 if the individual is enrolled in a doctoral program, attending school, or has delayed enlistment) are eligible for a short-term overseas travel permit.”

Since Yoon Doojoon was born in 1989 and is considered 29 years old, he is not eligible for the overseas travel permit.

The Military Manpower Association added, “However, if there is treatment for an illness, a family event, or unavoidable circumstances that don’t impede upon the obligation of military service, then individuals who are over 28 can get an overseas travel permit.”

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